Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Norway has done something we can all be proud of. Since 2008 they have made an effort to collect all the various crop seeds of humanity and store them 427 feet above sea level in a vault cut in the side of a mountain where they are kept at an ideal temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit for seed preservation.

Two people deserve credit  and they are Maria Haga, who is the director of the foundation behind the seed  vault (Crop Trust) and Cary Fowler, a scientist from Tennessee who has been the guiding force behind the vault.

Both Haga and Fowler claim that the vault was not started because they suspected a catastrophe was coming (as is the common perception) but because with the advent of genetically improved hybrid seeds many of the native seed varieties were declining. This was an attempt at seed conversation.

So, why is it that seed and animal conservation is highly desirable in order to preserve their uniqueness but when whites try to do the same and preserve their genetic uniqueness it is seen as hate and malevolence whereas when other races do so they are applauded and held up as examples other races (excerpt for whites) should emulate.

Make no mistake about it. When Aryana becomes a reality and takes it place among the nations of Man then there will be a vast repository where the best eggs and sperm are stored in the event there is a catastrophe and we have to replenish the race.