Sunday, June 14, 2015


I am in the process of finishing a massive four volume space opera. What is not important is the name of the series or that of its author but instead is his vision of the future.  As regards the future Earth it is a unitary globalist government ruled by the United Nations which has been transformed into an all powerful world federation. Its Secretary General is the chief executive of the planet and in this case is a Latino of South American extraction but the real power behind the throne is a Hindu female from India.They are the two most powerful people on the planet.

Earth's main rival is the independent Congressional Republic located on Mars. Opposed to both Mars and Earth is the Outer Planets Alliance which is based in the asteroid belt and on the moons of Jupiter. The OPA tends to be more libertarian than either the Earth or Mars which both seem to be dominated by interplanetary power politics in some sort of a new cold war based scenario. The head of the OPA is a black male. Most of the people in the OPA are either Indian, Chinese, or American. (Especially Texans) I should point out that none of these nationalities are distinct as they are so mixed together as to be racially unidentifiable, but certainly non-white, with all Celto-Germanic (Northern European) traits completely obliterated via assimilation. Apparently the extinction of Northernkind has had no effect upon the world, or space exploration and technology, as the Indians and Chinese merely pick up the torch as they merge into one monoethnicnicity, at least in the asteroid belt region anyways. (Can you say Pan-Mixia?) Who knows, perhaps Niger Innis will be the ancestor of the future head of the Outer Planets Alliance!


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