Monday, June 15, 2015


One can tell a lot about public perception as regards future environments in contemporary science fiction novels or games. In the Mass Effect video games the story revolves around the discovery of lost technology left on Mars by an alien race called the Protheons. This technology consisted of a series of star gates that makes faster then light speed possible. By 2149, one year after the discovery of Protheon technology on Mars, the Systems Alliance is formed, a group of 18 of the most powerful nations on earth dedicated to interstellar exploration and settlement.

In this version of future history there is of yet no united earth government as exists in Star Trek in the 23rd century.  However Northern European  traits (That is to say "Aryan" traits)  of blue or green eyes, and red , blond, or light brown hair, is now extinct. Caucasian traits still exist but they tend to resemble more Mediterranean traits or that of light skinned Hispanics. Everybody is dark haired, olive skinned, and dark eyed. Most people, however, are racially mixed including the hero, Commander Shepherd, who appears to be a person of  1/8 or possibly 1/16 Negro. His lips are thin, and his nasal bridge is narrow like that of Caucasians, but he is dark complected and his hair is close cut against his scalp and curly like that of Negroes.  In the 22nd century in which Mass Effect takes place blue contacts and blond hair dye are all the rage! It is fashionable to look Aryan but Aryankind has all but disappeared, an example of extinction via assimilation.

This is in marked contrast to the science fiction movies of the sixties, seventies, and eighties in which all space explorers were white and non-whites were seldom to be seen.  Society was like America was back then, still with a white majority firmly in control, a technological wonderland, and no demographic threat was on the horizon. Cities were beautiful and artistic glass and steel constructions connected by transparent tubes in which electronic car like units zipped from building to building hundreds, if not thousands, of feet above street level. Everybody wore one piece coveralls, usually white or silver, with the interior of these buildings brightly lit with sky blue lighting and silver or white furnishings within.

Farms were completely automated with remote control tractors and combines doing all the planting and harvesting and in many cases under temperature controlled glass domes so farming could take place year around as well as automatic irrigation. A small group of programmers and technicians could overseer 100,00 acres or more!

Trains were nuclear powered, or even operated by magnetic levitation, and would reach speeds of hundreds of miles per hour in their beautiful streamlined rocket shaped designs. Colonies existed on the moon and Mars and space flight was as common as jet flight is today with people vacationing on the moon and Mars and various space stations around earth.

The future seemed glorious! Indeed the recent movie Tomorrowland was produced in part because its creators felt cheated by the glorious future they were promised as children by the powers that be only to see America turn into an interracial hell hole as China assumes our technological expertise as America becomes a majority non-white and stagnant third world nation! Who would have believed that the Apollo missions would be canceled at Apollo 17, even though it was designed to last until Apollo 24, and that the remainder of those finances would be transferred to social welfare programs. All the more reason why we need an Aryana Free State to once again inspire our people to greatness with its strength of will and clarity of vision. Liberal democracy, whether in its Republican or Democratic manifestation, is not getting the job done and is killing us as a people and hastening our racial extinction!

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