Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The conservationist movement reflects the legacy of John Muir. It is Muir who founded the Sierra Club as well as being instrumental in his advocacy of the national park system which we have today. However, Muir was conservative in his political beliefs, one might even go so far as to say he saw racial conservation as an important component of environmental conservation. That has infuriated many in the liberal community as well as the lack of non-white participation in the whole ecology-conservationist movement.

Jan Christensen, a historian with UCLA's Institute of Environmental and Sustainability is one of his foremost critics. Consider the following quote from Christensen;

" The conservationist movement of John Muir and its influence on a certain demographic- older and white- is a problem."

                                                                JOHN MUIR

Friday, April 17, 2015


* Aryana is the vision of all that is beautiful, noble, and precious within our race.

* Aryana is racial preservation personified.

* Aryana is the Will to Power, the quest for beauty and order, and the cradle of higher humanity.

* Aryana is the Faustian spirit of our race whose very name notes the nobility within.

* Aryana is hierarchy and harmony, liberty and liberation, perpetuity and posterity.

* Aryana is self-determination for all and enforced diversity for none.

* Aryana is the life force of the Creator descending upon our people and manifesting itself through valor, duty, and honor. 

* Aryana is not merely the will to resist but the urge to excel.

* Aryana is the collective will of our people.

* Aryana is the cause of causes, the dream of dreams.

* Aryana is our sacred calling, our glorious challenge, our noble quest.

* Aryana  is the incarnation of excellence, the striving for perfection.

* Aryana is struggle and sacrifice, valor and victory.

* Aryana is the race united and the race triumphant.

* Aryana is the desire to make mankind anew, the ennoblement of higher humanity.

*  Aryana is the next step in the political evolution of our people.

* Aryana  is love of race within the context of a more natural order.

* Aryana is the ethos and the ethnos of a redeemed people.

*  Aryana is consanguinity and community.

*  Aryana is a golden chain that links a heroic and mythic past to a revitalized present connected to a transcendent future.


Hail Aryana!

Monday, April 13, 2015


New research by Oakland University professor Barbara Oakley has raised a revolutionary idea she refers to as "pathological altruism" which is on display on a daily bases throughout  American society and government. Altruism becomes pathological, Oakley explains, when an act of kindness hurts people rather than help them. If you help you pain addicted brother obtain more pills because you feel sorry for him your not helping him your doing irreparable harm by feeding his addiction.

In public policy the equivalent was the well meaning government effort in previous decades when Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae gave unqualified borrowers  (Most of them non-white) mortgages they couldn't afford, while encouraging more qualified borrowers to overextend themselves. The result was a housing bubble that popped and almost ruined the finances of millions of Americans and caused a deep recession  that effected the entire nation. Part of the force driving this was the effort on the part of liberals demanding the government make it easier and more affordable ( by relaxing credit requirements) for non-whites to receive housing loans and become first time home owners.

The end result was the American taxpayer, a majority whom are still white,  had to bail out the entire housing industry to keep the economy from collapsing. Remember that next time some liberal tells you what a blessings diversity is as he, or she, repeats the sacred mantra whereby our strength is our diversity.

Our public policies are based on white guilt and liberal feelings of empathy and Liberal-Marxist oriented systems of government allegedly designed to help the masses but ultimately harm their intended beneficiaries. (Or in the case of Communism kills them outright) Real kindness  lies in recognizing that altruism can produce great evil as well as good.

Of all the people on planet earth it is white people of Northern European ancestry who appear to have the most finely developed sense of altruism. Many Evolutionary Psychologists believe this is a trait that developed during the ice age in which one had to work together in teams or freeze individually. The problem is that it's a great intra-racial trait within a homogeneous nation but becomes absolutely toxic when applied to others in a multiracial society. As author Richard McCulloch observes in his book, The Ideal & Destiny, this ideology taken out of its natural environment is one of the main factors that are driving whites towards extinction an ideology he calls "Altruistic-egalitarianism"