Sunday, March 15, 2015


White people must understand that the political dynamics have changed. The true divide is no longer between advocates of big government and supporters of smaller government. The true divide is not between  Conservative Republicans or Liberal Democrats, or between the lunatic left or the reactionary right. It is between globalists and nationalists. Americans have not grasped the concept that the number one advocate for world government is none other than the United States! We would point out that the Communistic left is no longer the  driving force of globalism, it has now been co-opted by the corporate capitalism of the American right! Therefore, any form of serious white resistance must evolve beyond the traditional, or reactionary right, and embrace a concept of economic nationalism allied with a communal spirit of social justice for all within the confines of  a clearly defined racial community.

There was a time when Global Capitalism had to hide behind the red, white, and blue and pretend to be God fearing patriots and loyal Americans. But such a pretense always got under their skin. They seethed in silent anger and looked forward to the day in which they could throw off their shackles and the free flow of capital would be unrestrained by national borders or racial concerns. That day has now arrived so it should come as no shock that they have now dropped their patriot masquerade and now show forth their true globalist colors. Finally they can put profits above patriotism and deindustrialize America and move all factories and support staff to Third World nations so they can exploit their slave labor force to maximize profits and safety and environmental regulations be damned! Soon nation after nation will fall to the Plutocratic elite and become stepping stones on their path towards world government and their domination of the entire planet. They may use idyllic terms like the "Global Village" in order to lull the masses but mistake no mistake about it; this will  not be a global village like some kind of planetary Maybury but a global plantation with you being the serfs and them being the overlord class.


It is important to note that the word patriot is from the Latin word Pater, meaning father. Thus patriotism in its most pristine form was loyalty to a kindred stock. Thus, the original form of patriotism was firmly based on genetic and biological realities. The patriotism advocated by the Aryana Foundation is loyalty to a kindred ethnicity, not the pseudo-patriotism in which loyalty is directed towards an artificial nation-state that is hostile to the very idea of racial preservation or the idea of an Ethno-State. Such a nation prides itself on being a "Concept-Nation" based on some type of illusive universal egalitarian idea or Enlightenment dogma which preceded the science of heredity, genetics, and the discovery of DNA. Thus its ideology is grounded on the idea of the primacy of environmentalism and the malleability and interchangeability of humanity. 


The Aryana Foundation speaks in terms of political transcendence, that is to say transformative and future politics, the politics of our racial preservation and ennoblement. We are one of the few alternative political groups that has  a Worldview and a coherent and holistic ideology. (For a more concise explanation of our ideology and Worldview please check the December 2014 and January 2015 archives)Unlike the reactionary right we do not retreat into isolationism nor do we insist on imperialism and the march towards empire as do the Neo-Conservatives.

We believe in the racial preservation and ennoblement of our kind, that is our primary priority. We see no reason  why all the races of mankind cannot follow our example and live in peace and harmony once they have secured the preservation of their own ethnic or racial group. In that regard we believe in a live and let live philosophy with self-determination for all and enforced diversity, or inclusion, for none! That is the essence of our belief in universal sovereignty which is an important component of our ideology.

The creation of an Aryana Free State (AFS) will be the next step in the political evolution of our race. The establishment of the AFS will  sound the death knell of the current nation-state based solely on geographic boundaries found on a map. The world must realign in the form of more sustainable and natural bio-cultural entities. Such a transformation may be decades, or even centuries in the making,  but the Foundation has something no other contemporary group has and that is Future Vision! We alone have envisioned a more peaceful existence for our people in an orderly, free, and sustainable world without engaging, as some groups do, in apocalyptic and genocidal fantasies of racial war.

That is not to say hard choices will not have to be made or the future we envision will fall into place without any effort on our part. There will be struggles and upheavals but always remember behind every revolution is a vision of a better way! As the Bible so eloquently states; where there is no vision the people perish.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

23 & Me

A company known as 23 And Me has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent office to help parents chose traits for their future children ranging from disease risks to hair and eye color. Why  do we think this might be a beneficial policy for the Aryana Free State but an absolute disaster for liberal democracy? I can just imagine non-whites wanting babies with Northern European traits. In the AFS we envision a system of fertility clinics that will offer a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to those who have been unable to conceive naturally or would like healthier genetic offspring than their own genotype allows. Under this system doctors would scan  an embryo's genotype before it is implanted allowing prevention of serious or undesirable genetic traits. Of course, this will make necessary a vast repository of valuable eggs and sperm. (It goes without saying, of course, that the AFS limits citizenship and residence to those of Caucasian descent with a preference for those of Northern or Northwest European ancestry. Anglo-Celtic or Germano-Celtic, which ever term you prefer. Thus the repository will only contain eggs and sperm from that particular ethnos)

These clinics would be part of an government agency called the Department of Eugenics and Marital Enhancement which, in addition to these genetic clinics,  would also operate a free nation wide system of maternity clinics whereby a female could have her baby delivered free of charge with the latest in medical technology at her disposal should she chose to give her baby up for adoption. This is our alternative to the abortion of healthy white babies which has reached epidemic portions in the United States.

                                              SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX!
                                              ( The health or well being of the people is the supreme law)

Monday, March 9, 2015


Mr. Tallamy  is a professor of Entomology and Wildlife at the University of Delaware. He is very concerned about the introduction of alien fauna and  flora into an environment or area in which it did not evolve. Consider his following quote in that regard;

" The problem with alien plants is they don't stay put they spread to other areas reproducing with abandon and chocking the native plants and destroying nature's system of checks and balances."

What is true of plants is true of animals and humans. Remember when somebody introduced rabbits into Australia, a nation in which they had no national predators, until they reproduced to epic proportions and became  a huge menace so that many had to be destroyed to maintain the balance of nature and restore the natural law of checks and balances?

What is true of animals is true of humans especially when a non-native species is introduced into a new location and it tends to out reproduce the native population and upsets the natural balance leading to ethnic conflict or even war. Examples would include Negroes and Latinos into North America or Muslims of North African and Middle Easterner descent into Europe.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Liberty has always been a particular trait among the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Celtic peoples. However, as cherished as it might be liberty is not as vital as that of racial preservation. Liberty, once lost, can always be regained in a future struggle. However, should we loose our battle for racial preservation and go extinct as a people then all concepts of individual liberty and limited government also goes extinct along with the the people who first gave it birth and nourished its growth with our blood, sweat, and tears.

Friday, March 6, 2015


" The struggle of our time is to concentrate, not to dissipate; to renew our association with traditional wisdom; to reestablish a vital connection between the individual and the race. It is, in a word, a struggle against Liberalism"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We believe if present trends continue that sometimes in the late 22nd or early 23rd century the white race will go extinct on a planetary basis. When that happens North America will become a seething cauldron with massive infighting between blacks and Mestizos over the spoils and infrastructure left behind by white Americans and Canadians. Such a state of disorder will not continue indefinitely but  almost certainly invite a Chinese occupation of North America and subjugation and extermination of its remaining population. With such an area under it control, and with White Russians having become extinct as their American counterparts, the entire world will be dominated by people of East Asian ancestry.

Nature hates a vacuum and the final state of the world is not some universal egalitarian utopia where all races and creeds live united under one global government in egalitarian bliss like proponents of liberal democracy may believe. The future is either white extinction and Chinese domination of the planet or a multipolar world whereby whites in North America have regained control of their destiny in an Aryana Free State and live in peace and harmony with the rest of the  world according to its ideals of universal sovereignty, folk democracy, and the independent development of all the peoples of earth.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Most people can only see the economic and political decline of the West and do not realize that our decline also includes the cultural and moral realm. Consider the following report from the April 11, 2014 issue of THE WEEK magazine.

Dateline London, England:
Thousands of aborted fetuses have been burned to heat British hospitals. An expose by Channel 4 news last week found that 27 state run hospitals incinerated fetal remains, sometimes burning the body with other hospital wastes or using them in plants that generate power and heat.( Pg. 6)

This is insane. It reads like a horror script. The closest approximation I can come to it is in the world of fiction whereby Charlton  Heston is shouting, "Soylent Green is people!" This is the world Feminism, the Sexual Revolution, and liberalism have wrought!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


If you have not done so you need to read a book called Nova Europa by Arthur Kemp. (This is the same author who wrote March of the Titans ; a Contemporary History of the White Race)  The book is less than 100 pages so it is easy to read in one section. If you have ever doubted some of the cherished beliefs of the white racialist movement ( such as the idea that one day whites will rise up and become a potent revolutionary force sometimes after we reach minority status and the economy collapses) then this book is for you.

In reality most of the white people in America will not be saved, and truth be told probably do not deserved to be saved, because far too many are defective or dysfunctional and part of the problem. It is the belief of the Aryana Foundation that we need to shift our focus from trying to save the entire white race and concentrate on saving  that minority who deserves to be saved!

I suspect that when the day arrives and the feces finally hits the fan that most whites will hide in their basements or closets and wait for the national guard to come rescue them. The overwhelming majority will not fight back and will surrender meekly when that day comes. All those stockpiled guns will not be used because it takes force of will to use a gun and force of will is something the majority of our race seems to have lost due to the dying out of the alpha male. Nor will apocalyptic battles occur between government forces and political dissidents. In such a scenario the dissidents will be out manned, out maneuvered,  and outgunned by superior firepower, tactics, and caliber of weaponry. The idea of a battle between whites and non-whites after the collapse of the United States is folly. There will certainly be skirmishes , and perhaps even major battles, but it will not be whites verses non-whites. A more likely scenario is a band of racially conscious and highly organized whites verses a much larger and unorganized group consisting of Blacks, Hispanics, racially unidentifiable people, and whites devoid of racial consciousness or hostile to the very idea of racial consciousness among whites.

Let us leave racialist fantasies and bizarre conspiracies behind and concentrate on what could actually work by looking at a case study in which it is working. I refer, of course, to the Orania settlement in South Africa. It is more likely our future will be one of self-autonomous white racialist communities who govern themselves or live in accordance with the ideology and Worldview of the Aryana Foundation that will in time coalesce into one united political entity which will  be the nucleus from which we will form the Aryana Free State.

In that regard political devolution is far more likely than across the board white revolution.  White communities and gated villages with their own electrical and water supplies working together, perhaps even owning businesses in a type of social nationalism, may be how enough of our people survive to restart civilization and secure our racial preservation.

It is said there are 325 million people in the Unites States in which 77.8 percent of these are white. The Foundation doubts the white population is that high because a lot of people classified as white by the United States are anything but. One only has to look at the most wanted posters in the post office to see people who are clearly Hispanic or racially mixed are classified as white. Never the less we will use those government figures to illustrate a point.

Now 78 % of 325 million is 253 million, five hundred thousand. We will round that off to 254 million. Ten percent of that is  25. 4 million people if we were to reach ten percent of the white population with our message. However, if we could only reach 1 % of whites with our message that would still be 2.54 million. That is more than enough to build our Aryana Free State. After all, an organized and conscious minority is always stronger than a disorganized and dispirited majority!

Check out the Orania  settlement via  You Tube and the internet.

Http:// (They also have a Facebook site)