Thursday, February 26, 2015


Science fiction plots are full of time travel whereby people from the future have to go back and change the past and thus create an improved future they return to. In the novel Guns of the South Afrikaner nationalists in the future invent a time machine and travel back in time to give Robert E. Lee AK-47s the day before the Battle of Gettysburg. As a result the South wins the Battle of Gettysburg and France and England recognize the independence of the Confederacy and threaten to intervene if the North does make peace. The North , not wishing to risk French and English intervention, capitulates, withdraws their troops, and recognizes Southern independence. As a result the time line changes and in the world of the future to which the Afrikaners return they find that white rule in South African never capitulated because the Confederate States is their number one ally and protector against the United States. In the Terminator movies intelligent machines travel back in time to kill John Connor who led the human resistance against the takeover of intelligent machines in the future.

That having been said it is obvious we are on a timeline that is going to end badly for our folk unless things change. Sometimes in the mid 21st century whites will become a minority in the United States.  As we move closer to that date we can expect the tax burden on the white middle class to increase exponentially.  As the white tax base shrinks, due to lower birthrates, and taxes continue to be raised in order to keep all the social entitlement programs solvent so that non-whites, now a majority of the population, do not become a revolutionary mob new and diverse taxes will have to be invented. Perhaps even a racism tax upon white people for all the centuries of white privilege they have enjoyed at the expense of non-whites.

Vast sections of North America will began to resemble third world nations and we can expect the remaining whites to flee to more whiter pastures, provided government has not passed a law limiting their travel. Fleeing wont solve the problem, it merely postpones the inevitable. Neither will liberal democracy save us, nor the two party system, or appeals to a long dead Constitution. Demography is destiny and the only solution is the creation of an organization dedicated to the creation of an Aryana Free State, a new nation that is not only all white but racially conscious and proactive in the preservation and defense of our people. That is what must be done to change the timeline we are on otherwise sometimes in the late 22nd or early 23rd century the white race will become extinct not only in North America but also in every white Western descended nation on planet Earth.

                                                                  HAIL ARYANA!

Monday, February 23, 2015


The world cannot sustain another billion people. Many  politicians talk about population growth but they ignore the racial implications for Northernkind. (Aryana) The most dominant population groups on planet earth are Indian and Chinese. Few, if any, white European nations have a positive birth rate. They all have a shrinking demographic base. In North America Hispanics and African-Americans have birthrates that far exceeds those of whites. This bodes ill for our future both on a national and international scale.

The typical response of white liberals to the population explosion is to advocate birth control or talk about zero population growth. In other words they encourage whites to limit their births in the hopes that sub-Saharan Africa, China, and India, will do the same. Why should whites practice birth control and limit their own reproduction when non-whites have no intention of doing the same?  Margaret Sanger would roll over in her grave!

What we need is a government that works for us as a people and will do what it takes to boost the white birthrate while also working globally with our fellow white nations on a planetary solution to global overpopulation among third world and underdeveloped nations. That pretty much leaves out the United States. We will need to think in terms of a new political dispensation bringing forth new political entities. Which is why the Aryana Foundation advocates the creation of an Aryana Free State as the ultimate solution to our impending dispossession and extinction as a people.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Our eighth noble virtue is the Will to Order. For any healthy society to function there must be a balance between liberty and order. In contemporary  American society criminals run riot and are often let out early in order to ease prison overcrowding and thus end up committing even more crime. Society often has to wait years, if not decades, before those who have received the death penalty are finally executed, thanks to liberal democracy and its excessive concern for the primary of the individual over the collective good of the race. Such travesties of justice will not happen in the Aryana Free State! The Foundation views the nation as a biological organism, not as an experiment in equality and diversity. A living body must expel its waste products or it will die. In that respect liberalism does to a nation what AIDS does to a body. Indeed what is liberalism but a political pathology, a type of political AIDS, that wrecks and weakens society until it is overcome by problems that a healthy society would have no trouble defeating?

Our race is so paralyzed with the fear of being considered racist or intolerant that we allow non-whites, or an alien controlled media, to insult us at will and lack the fortitude to do what is necessary and proper, indeed what our ancestors would certainly have done, to end crime and the disorder of society and to secure the preservation of our race and a future for white children.

Always remember that the salvation of our race is the salvation of our planet! If we die as a race all the noble virtues of our race die with us and the world of the future becomes a teeming anthill of non-white humanity in screaming hues of brown, black, and yellow fighting over the carcass that our race has left behind like a bunch of maggots feasting on a dead body.

It will not be chaotic for long as nature hates a vacuum. If our race goes extinct the planet then becomes a Chinese protectorate  and all concepts of beauty, freedom, individualism, and progress will be destroyed. Earth will then drift through the cosmos devoid of higher man, a planet of slaves  dominated by the hive instinct of East Asian conformity and the Faustian spirit that drove the West will be no more.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Our seventh noble virtue is the Will to Beauty. True beauty is always in the minority and transcends mere physical beauty, although outward beauty was often a reflection of the  racial soul within in more healthier times. One only has to journey to a local shopping mall to notice that most people are not attractive, they are the odious and hideous dregs of  democratic egalitarianism. What is modern democracy but a cult of ugliness? Our race is becoming more obese and less healthy and less heroic with each passing generation. It is as if we can almost see the genetic stock deteriorating before our very eyes.

Liberals are fond of saying that everybody is beautiful in their own way and that nobody is truly ugly. But if everybody is beautiful, and nobody is ugly, then we have no standard whereby to measure beauty. After all, what is ugliness but deviation from an ideal norm?

Of all the races on planet earth it is strikingly obvious that Caucasians of Northern or Northwestern European stock are nature's finest and the pinnacle of beauty and thus constitute our ideal norm. The mission of the Aryana Foundation is to maintain and increase that beauty through a sustained eugenics program thereby increasing the proportions of beauty, intelligence, and character, among our race. It is said that the  population of ancient Sparta, especially the women, were the most beautiful in the ancient world  thanks in no small part to the  natural eugenics practiced by ancient Sparta. ( Was not the kidnapping of Helen the face that launched a thousand ships when the she taken to Troy?) Certainly none of the female denizens of your local Wal Mart would ever inspire men to the heights of glory and valor should anyone of them be kidnapped.

Likewise for the Germanic and Keltic tribes with their tall noble warriors and red haired, or blond haired women. Compare them with the types of people one sees in modern egalitarianism society. The coming Aryana Free State must cultivate beauty and reject the contemporary standard of beauty in which the more racially mixed a female is the more beautiful she becomes. (Think Beyonce, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, among others) Their concept of beauty is a person who is so racially mixed as to be racially unidentifiable. Such degenerate breeds are referred to as Afroeurasian and the policy that Liberal Modernity follows in that regard is known as Monoethnicity. This is fitting with their liberal ideas of a one world globalist government in which "racism" is ended by eliminating all identifiable races via miscegenation and assimilation until we are all one yellowish-brown, black kinky haired,  dark brown eyed race.

The Aryana Foundation's concept of beauty hearkens back  to the ideals of our ancestors. We embrace the ancient Aryan concept of beauty; the Germanic, the Keltic, the Anglo-Saxon, all that is encompassed by the term Aryana! Hair of red, hair of gold, eyes of blue and eyes of green, the white race has more diversity than all the other races on the planet.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall; whose the fairest of them all?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Our sixth noble virtue is the Will to Progress. Progress requires a stable political system, one not subjects to wild swings of public opinion manipulated by a hostile mass media. For instance; take the matter of space exploration. In a liberal-democratic system, like the United States, plans and finances approved and appropriated in one administration can be quickly  canceled in the next. Long term projects require a stable government and such will never be the case in a liberal multiracial democracy with an unlimited franchise.

Foreign governments do not like to deal with a nation knowing that any plans agreed upon might be canceled at the next American election. Such will not be the case when the Aryana Free State becomes a reality! Our nation will be based upon natural organic principles and will be a beacon of stability. Our plans are generational in scope and not tailor made just to survive the next election.

We believe in a vibrant space program with eventual colonies on the moon as well as manned missions to Mars. In time  our space program may evolve into a joint venture with other Western nations. It is not too far fetched to envision mining colonies in the asteroid belt and explorations of Titian and Europe.  Helium 3 is an abundant element  found readily on the moon which promises to be a unique power source, and perhaps the key to fusion reaction. The nation that achieves a vibrant mining operation on the moon could quite possibly end up dominating earth.

The Aryana Foundation exists to bring forth the Aryana Free State and the AFS must ensure our race becomes a multi-planetary species and eventually an interstellar and intergalactic species!  We must also explore the oceans and establish research bases and eventually undersea cities.  The AFS will implement a positive eugenics program and improve the health, longevity, beauty,and intelligence, of our people. Each generation must be better than the one before. All this the Aryana Foundation will do because we can see into the centuries and eons to come, not just into the next electoral cycle. We chose the path of future politics instead of temporary goals and short rage solutions.

Only the stability afforded by a transcendent political Worldview that unites the race into one body politic can undertake such a momentous task for our people and our future descendants. That is why the role of the Aryana Foundation in the creation of an Aryana Free State upon the North American continent is so vital to the preservation of our race! Make no mistake about it; the creation of the Aryana Free State is the next step in the political evolution of our people!

                                                         TAKE BACK THE FUTURE!
                                                         THINK RACIALLY, ACT POLITICALLY!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Our fifth noble virtue is the Will to Freedom. The Aryana Foundation realizes that freedom and equality are often incompatible ideals, especially within the framework of a Liberal-Democratic ethos. The more equality a nation strives for the less freedom it has. In a multiracial society the more diversity is imposed the more conflict occurs. The more conflict that occurs the more laws are needed and more laws means more police to enforce said laws and more lawyers to interpret laws, and consequently the more prisons are needed. Thus government imposed multiracial diversity leads to oppressive government and socialized egalitarian tyranny.

Freedom did not develop fully born out of the brow of Zeus like Athena. Freedom is part of a historical and cultural process among the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic peoples. From the misty green forests of the Germanic tribes to the Icelandic Althing to the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights to the Declaration of Independence, freedom is an exclusive concept among the Celto-Germanic peoples. Despite what contemporary American politicians may believe it is not something that can be adopted to all people and all occasions, nor can it be imposed by force and expected to have any longevity. Let the Celto-Germanic peoples, that is to say Aryankind, disappear from the earth and freedom will soon follow! No less a person that John C. Calhoun understood the connection between freedom and racial preservation. Consider the following quote in that regard;

" Liberty, indeed among the greatest of blessings, is not as great as that of protection; in as much as the end of the former is the progress and improvement of the race, while that of the latter is its preservation and perpetuation. And hence when the two come in conflict, liberty must, and ever ought, to yield to protection; as the existence of the race is of greater moment than its improvement."

So ever must order and freedom be in symbiosis with each other. Too much freedom leads to hedonism just as too much order leads to tyranny.  Both hedonism and tyranny are anathema to the historical and political developments of the Anglo-Celtic peoples. The Aryana Foundation must ever strive for that perfect balance between freedom and order while always remembering that if each is going to survive then the preservation of the race that gave birth to to such concepts as ordered liberty must always take prime importance. Ensure the preservation of the Anglo-Celtic and Germanic peoples, that is to say Aryankind or Aryana, then liberty and order will flourish.  Should our race go extinct so also dies the concept of individual liberty and limited government. The Aryana Foundation seeks to achieve that golden means, that perfect balance between liberty and order, that the American Founding Fathers tried so hard to achieve. Rest assured that it will be restored in the coming Aryana Free State!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Our fourth noble virtue is the Will to Community. A sense of kinship and belonging is essential to any healthy nation. The Aryanna Foundation believes in the concept of the racial community. We believe liberal democracy in trying to be all things to all people ends up doing more harm by causing widespread alienation of the masses. By trying to be all things to all people they end up being nothing to nobody. The end result of liberal democracy is consumerism run riot, a society denominated by fads and fashions, escapism, entertainment, celebrity worship, and diversions as ends in themselves. It is a war against higher culture, higher responsibility, the communal spirit, and higher humanity! Alienation causes one to feel he or she does not have a stake in society and negates any sort of communal feeling.  That is one reason why crime, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, is much higher in a multiracial society governed by a liberal democratic ethos than a racially homogeneous society governed by  a ethnic based nationalist ethos. Those who feel a sense of community are less likely to engage in behavior that endangers the existence of the racial community. Alienation causes one to lash out against society, thus fueling a sense of angst that feeds on itself, which leads to crime, miscegenation or homosexuality, and bizarre sexual escapades and fetishes.

The coming Aryana Free State must be viewed as one large extended family by its citizens, an organic and natural society, one based on a shared culture and a common ethnic kinship.  That is why large multiracial entities can never capture the joy and pride that originates from a transcendent nationalism resting on a common ethic heritage.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Our third noble virtue is the Will to Preservation. The Aryana Foundation does not see the State as an end in itself but as a means to an end. The Foundation believes that the main function of the State is to ensure those original genetic elements responsible for its creation always remain in the majority. At present there are three main sub-strains of the majority white population that were primarily responsible for the settlement and colonization of America. There three ethnicities consists of people of British, German, and Irish ancestry.  They can all be encompassed by the term  Celto-Germanic and are of Northern and Northwestern European ancestry.

We believe the actual paradigm in government is no longer the dichotomy between big governments and small governments, but is now between "our" government and "their" government. The United States has long  ceased being our government and it now their government! The same situation exists in Europe, and indeed wherever Liberal-Modernity rears its ugly head.  We strongly reject the current American ideal of a "concept nation" based solely on egalitarian and Enlightenment ideas. We believe that nationhood, true nationhood, should be based on a firm bio-cultural reality, and not utopian egalitarian dogma. We should point out that neither the Enlightenment, or the Founding Fathers, knew anything about DNA, genetics, and the inheritable nature of various traits. The only science they had to work with in that era was skewed towards environmentalism and the assumed the innate equality of mankind.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


...dollars must not be taken to represent the spiritual strength and depth of the people to whom they belong; neither must sport be confused with race-soundness nor business intelligence with spirit and mind. What is one hundred percent Americanism?  A mass existence standardized to a low average level, a primitive prose, or a promise for the future?  All we know is that so far there is neither a real nation or a real State.

Actually what it amounts to is a boundless field and a population of trappers, drifting from town to town in the dollar hunt, unscrupulous and dissolute; for the law is only for those who are not cunning or powerful enough to ignore it. The resemblance to Bolshevik Russia is far greater than one imagines.

Life is organized exclusively from the economic side and consequently lacks depth, all the more so because it contains nothing of that element of historical tragedy, of great destiny, that has widened and chastened the soul of the Western peoples through the centuries.

Finally there is almost a Russian form of State Socialism, or State Capitalism, represented by the mass of trusts, which like the Russian economic administrations, systematically standardize and control every detail of production and marketing. These were the real lords of the lands in both cases, It is the Faustian will to power but translated from economic growth to soulless mechanization.