Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A strange malady is beginning to affect Americans of European ancestry.  The initial symptoms consist of a particular unease with societal norms and a sense that unreality reigns supreme along a feeling with that impending disaster is imminent. Everything begins to feel artificial, unnatural, and contrived. What is happening is that White Americans are beginning to experience a state that Psychologists refer to as Alienation.

In time this alienation will lead to a sober and profound reflection on the state of our nation and race. This reflection will mature in the years to come into a political and racial epiphany in which we will realize that the institutions of our once great nation have been co-opted by the enemy. When that epiphany blooms  we will no longer confuse ideal with reality or outer form with inner substance. We will finally realize that the current political system that reigns supreme in the United States is not only irredeemable , but is the very antithesis of what the Founding Fathers intended! Only then will we recognize that we must begin to think in terms of alternative political solutions if our race is to survive in a nation that is becoming increasingly hostile and non-white.

We will then reach a point in which we realize that we no longer owe allegiance to a system whose ideology will result in our own eventual ethnic extinction. When we reach this state we will have finally matured intellectually and politically and achieved mental secession. We will have given up on the present system and have realized the futility of political reform and begin to direct our energies towards building something more holistic and organic. We will have reached the state of mental secession and will have mentally seceded from the whole anti-white, universal-egalitarian, monstrosity.

Until we reach that highly refined state of mental secession, that critical mass, then all our efforts within this present system will be in vane, regardless of how noble our intentions or how lofty our goals. Before any truly revolutionary reconstruction can take place we must first become alienated from society. As long as our people are content to finance their own extinction via taxes to this present anti-white system, or willing to sacrifice their own sons and daughters in its endless wars for non-existent peace, then nothing will ever change. And if we do not wake up then our race will go extinct on a global basis, which is the only logical conclusion of this multiracial egalitarian mindset that reigns supreme in the Western world.

So I ask you my fellow white Americans; when are you going to mentally secede from this whole anti-white system and build the Aryana Free State? When are you going to exercise your God given right of consent withdrawal, which Thomas Jefferson so elegantly delineated in the Declaration of Independence? It is time to mentally secede! Our continued  existence as a racially distinct people depends upon it. We must visualize a better way or that vision will never become reality. The visualization process is part of the attainment.

Always remember that government should never be an end in itself, but always a means to and end, that end being a harmonious and healthy future for our people so that we may achieve our full potential. Now let us briefly examine what John Adams had to say about the concept of mental secession, albeit in a different form. Remember that mental secession must always precede the political revolution or there will be no political revolution! That is the point John Adams is trying to make in the quote listed below.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


" And more ever, how many inhabitants of the country are there who inwardly do not belong to this ruling Anglo-Saxon type?  Quite apart from the Negroes, the immigrants during the twenty years before the war included-with only a small portion of  Germans, English, and Scandinavians- no less than 15 million Poles, Russians, Czechs, Balkan Slavs, Eastern Jews,  Greeks, inhabitants of Asia Minor, Spaniards, and Italians. The greater part of these have not been incorporated in Americanism, but form an alien, foreign thinking, and very prolific proletariat with its spiritual home in Chicago."

 It is hard to believe this passage was written before World War II. Indeed the war he refers to is World War I. America did experience an influx of immigrants in the period between 1880-1920 who were not of  Anglo-Celtic ancestry and had no relationship to the  ethnic stock who formed the United States. That is one way the Aryana  Foundation is different from all other right wing American groups who embrace a generic version of immigration in that they would restrict it to whites only with no distinctions between which type of whites they prefer. The Aryana  Free State we envision would go further and embrace an immigration policy limited to those of Northern, or Northwest European ancestry, whether we call them Anglo-Celts, Northernfolk, Celto-Germanics, or Aryans. It is not Un-America to do so because  America passed a comprehensive immigration policy in 1924 , known as the National Origins Act, which imposed a quota system favoring those of Northern, or Northwest European ancestry, and limiting those of Southern and Eastern European origins.  Allowing massive influxes  from the non-whites areas of the world, China, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East, and what not was not even considered! Today we allow big business entities and Chamber of Commence types to write our immigration policy in the quest for cheap labor and short term profits.

But immigration has consequences far beyond the point of entry. Consider that most of the media heads and Hollywood producer types that are responsible for America's current toxic culture are the direct descendants of immigrants from Eastern Europe in the influx referred to above. They want to destroy the last vestiges of healthy white culture, a culture that is Anglo-Celtic and Germanic in origin, because it is that culture that opposed the immigration of their kindred and crafted the National Origins Act in response! Now, let us engage in Future Vision, which is an indispensable component of out Worldview, and imagine how America will be 135 years after President Obama's executive fiat granting blanket amnesty to tens of millions of Mestizos from Mexico and Central America. What will the world of 2150 look like? After all, look at how the immigration of 1880 transformed America as regards the present media infiltration and the creation of a toxic and hostile culture from the descendants of Eastern European Jewish immigrants. Now juxtapose Black and Latino birthrates against the present white birthrate and project those stats into the future and you can see the vital necessity for the creation of an Aryana Free State! It is non-negotiable if we hope to survive as a distinct entity in North America!

You did notice that the hotbed of anti-American in the Thirties, according to Spengler, was Chicago. Now ask yourself where one Barrack Hussein Obama had his power base!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


And this was the genesis of the Aryana Free State, whose humble origins began in the upper South and portions of the Midwest, and became a new political entity, unique in the annals of humanity, dedicated to creating a more more organic and viable union, one that would ensure the advancement, perfection, and collective immortality, of our Celto-Germanic heritage, our beloved Aryana!

Aryana quickly became the most powerful of all the new North American nations. It was, by necessity, a militant state in which every citizen was required to serve two years in the military and did not hesitate to form an alliance with Russia to counter Chinese influence on the West coast, as well as animosity from the Atlantic Confederation on the east coast which was currently arming both the Republic of New Africa and Aztlan in hopes of a conquest of the Aryana Free State.

Wisely the leaders of Aryana had no desire to conquer any of the newly formed non-white nations. Their policy was one of trade and independent development and took up the sword only in defense of their ethnicity and homeland. In time even the few remaining white inhabitants of Aztlan, or New Africa, those indispensable few who had not been killed or exiled, found their way to Aryana as the Atlantic Confederation replaced them with advisers of their own. Thus there existed an uneasy peace with Aztlan and New Africa with the greater enemy being the majority white Atlantic Confederation. They were the last bastion of Liberal-Marxism on the North American continent.Indeed, they were a greater threat to Aryana than was China, or any of the non-white republics they bordered.

Aryana gave hope and inspiration to millions of our kinsmen scattered around the world as they flocked to her and applied for citizenship, especially those from European nations that were now majority Muslim. An old world had died, whether the Atlantic Confederation realized it or not, and a new nation was rising to prominence.  All the shattered dreams of American naivety, which only the Atlantic Confederation still believed in, were discarded by a nation and people who now had a viable and sustainable union without the political toxins, or hostile parasitic groups, that had doomed the former United States.

The futuristic glass and steel cities were now within reach as the race besieged became the race triumphant! Our race was once more on the upward path and never would we forget the chaos, degeneracy,and miscegenation that liberal democracy had wrought which almost made us an extinct people.  The possibilities were now endless as every Canadian province west of Ontario now joined Aryana. A higher humanity was emerging, thanks to to the natural eugenics policies of the Aryana Free State, a humanity that would  conquer and settle the solar system and then continue to the stars beyond. Aryana had finally achieved her dream of making our race a multi-planetary species!

By 2276, what would have been the 500th anniversary of the founding of the United States, instead of the Stars and Stripes flying everywhere in the solar system, as naive Americans once believed to be inevitable, it was instead the solid blue banner of the Aryana Free State, complete with the center-most red solar disc on which was superimposed  the golden triskelion. It flew over bases on the moon, on Mars  and Europa, as well  as on Titian and among the many mining colonies scattered among the asteroid belt. It terms of wealth and influence Aryana had far surpassed the wildest dreams of the United States and inaugurated  a new golden age, a Pax Aryana, as the race spread out among the stars as faster than light propulsion systems became a reality and no longer confined our race to the solar system. Space ships became star ships and our multi-planetary race became a multi-solar one.

And to thank none of this would have been possible had the United States not collapsed! Instead our race would have died a slow death surrounded by all the creature comforts Unbridled Capitalism could bestow as we were slowly submerged in a sea of black, brown, and yellow. If such had been our fate then those of East Asian ancestry, instead of Northern, or Northwest European ancestry, would have become the dominant race on the planet and eventually in the solar system and beyond.

                                                                    HAIL ARYANA!


How did we go wrong? How could we have been so blind?  Life looked so promising in the mid-twentieth century. Man  was going to colonize the solar system and erect majestic cities of  glass and steel whereby transparent tubes would connect each building and small car like units would dart to and fro inside these tubes from building to building, like fireflies in the night, several thousand feet above ground level.  Elsewhere people leaving the city would board magnetic levitation trains that would zip by only a few inches above the track at hundreds of miles per hour while overhead sub-orbital hyper-sonic craft would travel coast to coast in less than an hour.

In the more rural areas mega-farms would be totally automated and, away from the glow of the city, one could see with a good telescope all of the lunar colonies on the moon, at least on the side facing us.  And on the rest of the globe peace and the prosperity of nations with famine, overpopulation, disease, and environmental  devastation, being a thing of the past under the beneficent rule of a global government, with whites, more especially white Americans, still  the dominant race on the planet  and being in control of said government.  Nations  would be obsolete, a brotherhood of humanity dwelling in a technological wonderland had finally rendered matters of class, race, and religious fanaticism, a thing of the past, although we somehow imagined whites would still be in control internationally as well as maintaining  majority status in the United States.

It was a beautiful dream but a dream that could only have been conceived in the minds of a people as incredible naive as white Americans, spoiled by creature comforts, who had lost touch with reality and forgot that life is a struggle. We dared to imagine life would always be like Maybury and grow into some type of Tomorrow Land,or Futurama, a  technological wonderland, but still a majority white wonderland. The dream came tumbling down in the latter years of the 21st first century, although there were ominous signs long before then for those who had eyes to see and wisdom to understand. History showed that the greatest events that impacted our future, or in this case contributed to the destruction of our dream and destroyed our optimism and vision thereof, came upon us like a thief in the night.

Neither the fall of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, the rise of the AIDS virus, or the proliferation of Islamic terrorism, were foreseen by the experts, people we paid handsomely to protect us and predict possible cataclysms failed us miserably. Most glaring of all, however, was their blindness in regards to the race issue. They forgot that demography is destiny and ethnicity determines the ethos of a nation.

By the latter days of the 21st century the United States was no more. There was no tricentennial. The former United States became a hodgepodge of nations and warring factions with a Republic of New Africa in the lower South sharing an uneasy border with Aztlan, which stretched from southern California to the Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma border. On the West coast arose a mixed Eurasian nation consisting of Northern California, Washington, and Oregon. On the east coast arose a new nation consisting of the former New England states in combination with Ontario, and all the former Canadian provinces east of her, in a new Atlantic Confederation.. It was this Atlantic Confederation that insisted on being the torch bearer of dogmatic liberalism, even as the rest of the world was abandoning the very precepts of Liberal Modernity one by one.

It was known in history as the great cataclysm. It was an era of widespread civil disobedience and racial animosity, as the great experiment in  diversity equality, and integration, collapsed in tears, bloodshed, and misery.  The white population plummeted and became the scapegoat for all real and imagined slights against people of color. Both Aztlan and the Republic of New Africa expelled, or slaughtered, its white population even as the Atlantic Confederation forbid them entry status, or asylum, due to their having outlawed "racism" in their Confederation and could not accept the idea that whites may actually constitute a persecuted class. Even the very consideration of the idea seemed racist to them. So the Atlantic Confederation did nothing as roving bands of non-whites slaughtered whites  even as they crowded the borders and begged to bet let in.

But slowly and surely whites once more regained a sense of nationalism and purpose, as all persecuted people do, and put away foolish concepts of trying to resurrect the United States, or restore the Constitution. They began to network among themselves and thus was born the Aryana Foundation. The Foundation turned them into warriors for the West, dedicated to the creation of an independent white nation in the upper South and the Midwest, a nation that would be not only all white by design, but also one that was racially conscious, with a government that was proactive, and not reactive as the United States had been, and worked for their freedom, preservation, and advancement. And thus was born the Aryana Free State!

Friday, January 23, 2015


The dawn of the 20th century opened upon a vast British empire of which it was boasted that the sun never set upon its borders. European nations dominated Africa and Asia as the United States dominated Central and South America. Two world wars in the 20th century proved devastating for European man and gave rise to a dominant liberal-egalitarian ethic that now holds sway throughout the Western world, encouraged by a media populated by an ethnic strain hostile to the very concept of white racial preservation.

Today the vast colonial empires are no more. Non-whites flood the nations of Europe and America demanding their "rights"  and that society be restructured to reflect their culture and to benefit them and their kind.  Whites are no less than 13 percent of the world's population and within the white race itself blonds and redheads are becoming extinct. We are the true global minority. Our people enter the 21st century with the threat of global extinction  hanging over their heads like the fabled sword of Damocles.

In this new world of mass communication and increased travel the Aryana Foundation calls for a bold new vision based on the racial realities of the 21st century. A progressive racialism not based on colonialism or white supremacy like in previous centuries. A racialism that espouses a live and let live philosophy, a universal sovereignty, equally applicable to all peoples and places regardless of ethnicity.

The Foundation advocates a form of White Separatist-Nationalism as the solution to our problems in the North American context, which may not be applicable within a European context. What that means is that we advocate separation from all institutions or peoples detrimental to our racial preservation. That means we must champion a form of political and racial separation that ultimately culminates in secession and the creation of an Aryana Free State upon the North American continent. Thus the separatist aspect must precede the nationalist aspect in that regard. For the present we must form raise awareness of our plight and form racial communities within the framework of large multiracial nations, a  folk community in which we must network among ourselves building mini white havens that will one day coalesce into the Aryana Free State.

It is our duty to present the best possible face to our people.  An organization tends to attract the type of people its propaganda is geared towards. Thus we must avoid all forms of reactionary, or negative racism. Our propaganda must reflect a love of race and a transcendent ideology based on a comprehensive Worldview and a vision of the future. It must be forward thinking and progressive, not reactionary and negative. Our idea is to recruit our people into our  folk community, not alienate them by bizarre behavior, hateful language or epithets, or bizarre dress or appearances. The white middle class may be timid and lacking in courage, but we need their political and financial support to  survive. We feel confident we can count on American incompetence, and governmental policies, to substantially alienate a great portion of them in the future so that they will be receptive to our message. It is doubtful, given the current demographic and economic trends, that the white middle and working classes will be able to sit on the fence must longer and remain timid or powerless. They already know the score and that the Republicrats will do nothing to alleviate their problems. They know that the Democratic Party is beholden to minority interests in the same way the Republican Party is beholden to corporate interests. In this demonic shell game that is contemporary American politics they are always the ones left holding  the empty bag, which they are expected to fill with their taxes so that the whole game can continue and they can thus be responsible for financing their own demise! We can rest assured that time will strengthen both their consciousness and defiance.

We have no control over how the media portrays us of what labels they put upon us. More importantly is how we project ourselves in a way as to negate negative media stereotypes or labels. Many in the current "racialist right" movement do not do that. It seems they go out of their way to confirm every media stereotype by their actions and worlds. The preservation of our race is to valuable to be left in the hands of politicians or dysfunctional movement activists.  There must be no public displays of dysfunctional racism. Avoid racial epithets and profanity.Do not try to rival the Sistine Chapel in the amount of ink upon your body or turn yourself into a human pin cushion via body piercings like some Hellraiser clone. We are not Chinese or Aztecs so avoid body modifications. In other words no ear plugs! Read, study,  and keep your mind and body in keen shape. Nothing turns the masses off more than a profane and drunken skinhead, or a morbidly obese redneck screaming the N word.

Live your life like the Aryana Free State is already a reality because its realization is dependent upon your belief and vision! If the mind can conceive it, and the heart can believe it, then the will can achieve it! If we build it they will come! There is no other solution left for our people this late in the game. One cannot save both the United States and the white race upon the North American continent. Separation, community building, and the creation of the Ethno-State, are the only options left us as a people. It is now separate or die! Our loyalty must be to what America was intended to be, not the multiracial, liberal-Marxist, leviathan it has become!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Journey with us now as we transcend time and space and travel down the twisted spiral of our DNA as we search for that ancestral ethos lost in the midst of time and conscious memory but so active and vibrant in the collective unconsciousness of our race. Every yearning of a better way, for a more sustainable and viable organic  society, every dream of a mythic and heroic age, is but a faint glimmer from our ancestral memory bubbling up from our collective unconscious. Every sense of unease and the feeling that there has to be a better way is but a splinter from our collective unconscious trying to manifest itself into conscious reality. The realization that our reality cannot possible be the final and perfected state of mankind is but a shadow of a better way from a bygone era.

We journey back now with increasing speed  and leave the degenerate world of Liberal-Modernity behind. We travel back in time past the Victorian era and the dark ages and the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome. Finally we have arrived at our destination. Our ancestral homeland is unrecognizable to us. It is a land in which vast sections are covered in miles of ice. Nations do not exist yet and our race lives on the edge of the icy seas catching seals or chasing Wholly Mammoths in the vicinity of retreating glaciers. Only tribes now exist now characterized by ties of extended kinship. The ice age is ending and it has placed a premium on intelligence to those who have survived its onslaught.

We  have arrived in Paleo-Europe among a people known as Solutreans, some of who will later migrate to North America across a frozen Atlantic ice bridge tens of thousands of years before the ancestors of the "Native-Americans" crossed over into North America via the Bering Straight. This is the first major collective endeavor of our people, an organic socialism of the folk and racialism in its most pristine form. It is not a world of equality but one of leadership dedicated to the survival of kith and kin in a harsh environment that puts a premium upon survival. This is not some primitive form of Communism in which all races coexist peacefully in social equality with no possessions, or distinctions of rank, but instead is a racially based proto-nationalism in which all cooperate for the common good and the survival of the tribe and the perpetuation of the race. It is the earliest manifestation of the Folk Community! There is no public dole here, but there is a sharing among kindred stock along with banishment of those detrimental to the survival of the  community. We have arrived at the Ethno-State in its most primitive and original form!

 Over the eons the ice bound tribes become the pinnacle of human evolution. But as they became more successful and begin to prosper materially they become more distant from their past until the icy crucible that gave them birth retreats into their collective unconscious and leaves only faint traces behind in their rational minds and their will to power becomes but a flickering candle. They began to believe there is no problem technology cant solve and become the victims of their own success and  prosperity even as it drives then further away from the realities of nature.

 But as they grew more bold and more successful the ultimate delusion set in whereby they began to believe that they were above the laws of nature and could trespass against her with impunity. They allowed themselves to be convinced that the final state of mankind was a global collective in which all nations, peoples, and races would merge together into one monoethnicity and they saw this not as the ultimate desecration and treason to their mist shrouded origins, but as the height of progress. A spiritual disequilibrium set in which was bound to erupt in time.

Our ancestral DNA activates as memories from our collective unconscious flood into our brain. We understand who we are and where we have been and where we must go.We embrace our ancestral heritage. Everything must be in balance as unlimited growth is a cancer. Memories once more reassert themselves and the search for a better way becomes the ultimate priority for the survival of our race. The Ethno-State emerges once more out of our collective unconscious, no longer as a primitive entity of  our ice age Solutrean ancestors, but as the nucleus of a new society, a new reckoning, a more natural order, the next step in the political evolution of our people. The Ethno-State now reincarnates with all the power, knowledge, and technology our race has to offer, the most advanced of all the human species, to enshrine and establish itself  as the crowning achievement of our race's long historical odyssey, and political struggle, and the most conducive for the preservation and perfection of our race.

Our journey does not end here, however. We have now arrived at the distant future as all roads lead to the Ethno-State. It has united our past and future as we shed the delusions of Liberal-Modernity born of a sick and diseased age. Our race is once more on the upward path. The race besieged has become the race victorious. Collective immortality and the stars now beckon us to realities and glories beyond.

Universal sovereignty now reigns supreme as all humanity is organized into their own particular Ethno-States as race finally coincides with nation and all humanity lives in accordance to the will of the divine Creator. Independent development and non-interference is the order of the day. Self-determination for all and enforced diversity, or mandated inclusion, for none, is the mantra for all. The long nightmare of Economicism  is over. Our race has awakened from its egalitarian delusions and has taken its first steps into the universe beyond.

An Aryan Free State has given birth to an Occidental Union. A Union dedicated to our racial preservation and improvement. A Union first given birth by the collective cooperation of individual  white Ethno-States around the globe. A Union that is not the negation of the Ethno-State but a greater manifestation of its ideals on a planetary basis.  A multipolar world corresponding to kindred cultures and ethnic solidarity.

Monday, January 19, 2015


A cursory examination of our ideology will show the influence of the Conservative Revolution that originated in Germany between the two world wars. It is the antidote to the ideology of Cultural Marxism that also originated in Germany during the same time period through an organization known as the Frankfurt Institute. The practitioners of the Frankfurt Institute, many of whom were Jewish, fled National Socialist Germany and reestablished themselves at Columbia, University in the United States. Today the ideology of the Frankfurt Institute is the reigning ideology of American academia and the political left. One of the foremost writers and thinkers of the Conservative Revolution was Carl Schmitt and one of his most  influential books was The Nomos of the Earth. A nomos may be defined as customs of political or social behavior governing certain communities within a specific era or time frame. He believed there has been 4 Nomos so far in human history.A note of caution; one should not assume that the type of conservatism  that the Conservative Revolution advocated had any connection to what passes for conservatism in the United States. They are two totally different animals with the Conservative  Revolution being much more transcendent and holistic in nature. Perhaps the world conservationist might be a better description than the world conservative in that regard. They wanted to conserve all that was sacred and transcendent, beautiful and orderly, within the Western European biosphere. They were adamantly opposed to Liberal Modernity.

Nomos 1-  This was the time before the discovery of the new world and the colonial era. In this period travel was limited and people lived in isolated groups and developed specific customs, identities, culture, and historical traditions.

Nomos 2- This era is the rise of sovereign nation-states established during the Age of Discovery.It is the age of colonization and the formation of nations.

Nomos 3- This was the bipolar order established after World War II where the world was divided between the Soviet Union and the United States.The reunification of Germany and the fall of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of the end of the 3 Nomos. Should America collapse it would put the finishing touches upon this particular nomos.

Nomos 4- This era has not solidified yet but it is in development.  It is an open question whether it will be a unipolar one dominated by the United States and Liberal Modernity, or if it will become a multipolar one whereby universal sovereignty, which is one of the ideological planks of the Aryana Foundation, will reign supreme on Planet Earth. Or will the United States, or China, achieve a unipolor world by economic domination? The recent formation of BRICKS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) by Vladimir Putin is an attempt to avoid a unipolar world (or Nomos) led by the United States and Liberal Modernity and instead impose a multipolar Nomos. It goes without saying that a multipolar Nomos would be more conducive to the emergence of an Aryana Free State than would a unipolar one led by the United States.

                                                     Carl Schmitt  1888-1985.


It is the tragedy of America that we elect politicians who have a dismal ignorance of the way the world works especially as regards higher politics. The elites actually thought they were going to establish a functioning democracy in Iraq, which would be a forerunner for other states until the entire Middle East embraced American style liberal democracy. They predicted the dominoes would fall one by one as tyrannies and  and religious despots fell to be replaced by religious pluralism, democracy, and good ole diversity! Indeed the states did fall one by one but not to American style democracy but to Islamic radicalism. Americans failed to realize that nature hates a vacuum and that by their interference they created that vacuum which was quickly filled by Islamic radicals. Their incompetence on the world scene drastically expanded Islamic terrorism around the world! Who could really blame them for not wanting to adopt the American model? After all, liberal democracy in the American sense is nothing but a facade behind which Plutocracy reigns! It is nothing but a cabal of transnational elites who place profits above patriotism, elites who consider nations obsolete and religions as superstition, and champion globalism and the New World Order at every opportunity. Thus in a very literal sense liberal democracy equals rule by global elites and loss of sovereignty.

Multiracial democracy, especially when coupled with a universal franchise, is unnatural and a recipe for disaster. For democracy to work efficiently you must have a stable middle class, as well as a society not riven by class, race,or religious differences. Democracy works best when it exists among a people with a common racial or ethnic heritage along with a tradition of limited government and individual rights. That pretty much leaves out most of the world, including Africa, vast sections of Asia, and the Middle East.  It appears that democracy  works best in  the Aryan sphere, that is to say among peoples like the Anglo-Saxons, Celts, and Scandinavians. This is what is often referred to as Celto-Germanic,Anglo-Celtic, or Northernkind , but the Foundation prefers the term Aryana as a more apt description of these kindred people.

Sadly as the Celto-Germanic population in America declines, and it is declining, we can expect America to become even less free, more chaotic, and more non-white, even as government becomes more tyrannical and increases its tax power in order to keep the welfare state solvent and thus avoid a revolutionary situation that would certainly happen if benefits were suddenly decreased or cut off entirely. And guess who will have to pay these exorbitant taxes that are sure to come to support a welfare class that will be overwhelming non-white, especially in the decades to come when tens of millions of illegals flee to America to take advantage of Obama's blanket Amnesty decree? That will be you, Mr. and Mrs. white middle class American, as they take from the productive and give to the parasitic. Common sense dictates that as the ranks of the parasitic class increases, and whites fade into minority status, then taxes upon the shrinking middle class, as well as all business entities, will have to drastically increase.New forms of taxes will be invented and items that were never taxed will suddenly have a new tax imposed upon them. Then you will see the final stage of liberal democracy as a majority non-white America emerges, and the whites, who are now a minority, face a situation whereby industry and productivity has been destroyed by confiscatory taxes upon the middle class and all economic endeavors in order to support the new non-white parasitic majority, which will leave  white people will no other options. Advocacy of secession will become a reality as the people realize it is the last resort left to them against governmental tyranny. A free people in a free state is a vital necessity for our people. And thus do we advocate the creation of the Aryana Free State!

                                          OUR STRENGTH IS OUR HOMOGENEITY !

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Any political system which requires the disintegration or leveling of people or the erosion of  an individual's awareness of belonging to an organic Folk Community is to be regarded as antithetical to true democracy. Indeed one of the foundational  columns of the Aryana Foundation is the concept of Folk Democracy of which  the racial, or folk community, is the purest expression thereof. (You may find additional information on the concept of  Folk Democracy in our December 2014 archives)

                                          The Folk Community-the nucleus of the Aryana Free State!


An idea which is not embodied in a living community which only exists in the mind of its believers, or only in the written word, is a sterile idea which lacks vitality, and hence has no significance in the real world.


True politics  is not taking the people where they do no wish to go in the American sense of the word whereby hostile elites have decided this is where they must go, but instead involves articulating a vision that our people have felt instinctively within their hearts that they have heretofore lacked the power to implement, or even describe in coherent terms.

The Aryana Foundation groups politics into three levels with each level being more advanced than its predecessor; namely Micro-politics, Macro-politics, and Meta-politics.

Micro-politics is the day to day interactions with individuals of kindred mind and stock, usually on an individual, community, or local level. It is recruiting and community building and explanations of our ideology.

Macro-politics is that which concerns the interests of our people in the social, cultural, political, and economic realms, which may effect their well being while still within the confines of a hostile nation-state dominated by an anti-white, liberal-egalitarian, globalist agenda.

Meta-politics is that which is concerned with our long term racial survival and the formation of the Aryana Free State in order to secure our racial  preservation, advancement, and perfection. The ultimate expression of Meta-politics will be the creation of a united confederation of European, and European descended nations, an Occidental Union, as an alternative to the United Nations and the European Union.

                                                  A Posse Ad Esse- from possibility to reality!

Friday, January 16, 2015


A people are not free if they are not in control of their own destiny. Voting in itself does not, and never has, made a people free.For it matters not who you vote for if an insider elite determines who the candidates will be and what issues are allowed for discussion and what issues are strictly forbidden. If that be the case, and that is the case in the United States at present, then voting is mere illusion and an exercise in futility.  Consequently white people in North America ( and indeed most of the nations of the Western world) are not free just because they can  vote and constitute a numerical majority because they are no longer in control of their destiny. A people cannot be a sovereign unless they are in control of their destiny. Thus we see that Karl Marx had it all wrong for it is not religion that is the opiate of the people, its voting! By voting in contemporary elections whites naively assume they still have control of their destiny and thus are a sovereign people.

Don't make the mistake of assuming because the Aryana Foundation believes that whites are no longer sovereign  then that must mean we think non-whites are sovereign instead. Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither Native-Americans, Hispanics, or African-Americans are a sovereign people within the confines of the present United States as they are not in control of their destiny anymore than whites are. The United States, and indeed the entire Western world, are governed by trans-national elites who have no particular loyalty to their nation of origin, nor do they feel any bonds to their particular people or their ethnicity. It is true that the vast majority of these globalists are white, albeit with a strong and virulent Jewish component, but their loyalty is to the World State (Weltstaat) and the Global Village which they currently envision in their minds and hope to erect, indeed have already erected a substantial portion of the infrastructure, especially as regards banking. These people are not all Communists like some sections of the retarded right in America insist on believing. Indeed most of them are Neo-Conservatives or Laissez- faire Capitalists.

The Foundation believes strongly in universal sovereignty for all peoples and races that desire it. Indeed it is a concept we do not feel should be limited to just whites. So strongly do we feel about it that we made it one of our 12 ideological columns that support the Foundation. (Please check the January 2014 archives for a more detailed discussion)

Consider the following quotes in that regard;

" History shows that more often than not, loss of sovereignty leads to liberalization imposed in the interests of the powerful."     Noah Chomsky

"There does exist an international network of bankers and other super-capitalists whose object is to use their influence  to create a system of world political and financial control...there does exist and has existed for a generation an international Anglophile network which has no aversions to cooperating with Communists, or any other groups, and has frequently done so. It is this power structure that the radical right has been attacking for years in the mistaken belief they are fighting Communism."  Carroll Quigley- Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time.

"Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites but now they are composed of international businessmen, scholars, and public officials. The ties of these new elites cut across national boundaries and their perspectives are not confined by national traditions, and their interests are more functional than national. These global communities are gaining in strength and, as was true in the middle ages, it is likely before long the social elites of most of the advanced countries will be highly international, or globalist, in outlook." Zbigniew Brzezinski, former foreign policy adviser to President Carter and  head of the Trilateral commission.

                                              FREEDOM, SOVEREIGNTY, PRESERVATION!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Unlike Liberal Modernity and Marxism we believe history is cyclical and not linear and will soon return to a golden age after this present age of degeneracy and deviance, commonly called Liberal Democracy, has run its course. Regrettably, there is not much we can do to stop it dead in its tracks or turn it around until it has run its course. It is a bio-political process and dependent on meta-physical  forces beyond our control.

Our job at present is to preserve a portion of our race, those who still have natural and healthy instincts, in order to have a healthy nucleos with which to rebuild our future in a more glorious political expression of our people once this present system of Liberal Modernity comes tumbling down. Then shall come forth the Aryana Free State, a herald of the coming golden age. Our symbol, a golden triskelion superimposed over a red solar disc, represents the dawn of a new golden age, the symbolic return of light to the Northern hemisphere after an epoch of darkness.

Man under the aegis of Liberal Democracy. 

A rather crude example of our symbol sent by a reader. Is there a professional artist in the house? However, the Foundation is deeply grateful for the submission!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Many have wondered if America has passed the point of no return. If demography is indeed destiny then the current demise of the United States as a majority white nation is indeed inevitable. America is rapidly becoming a multiracial socialist empire in which the individual states are mere provinces of a centralized leviathan. It is certainly not the federal republic envisioned by our Founding Fathers and truth be told it has not been that in decades, perhaps not even since the Lincoln administration.

America cannot survive without a core nucleus. By 2040  whites will be a minority in the United States. The date 2040 is indeed curious because prior to that demographers told us we would not reach minority status until 2061, which they then moved up to 2050, and it now stands at 2040. In 2011 we reached another monumental milestone that none of the experts had foreseen whereby for the first time in our history more non-whites were born than whites. With Presidents Obama's executive fiat granting blanket amnesty to tens of millions of illegals we can now expect that date to no longer stand.

One should understand when whites reach minority status that does not mean blacks or Hispanics will out number us as individual groups, although they will if the numbers of the two groups are combined. Whites will still be the biggest population bloc at 49%, ahead of Hispanics and blacks, but not for long due to differential birthrates. Globalists love the idea because it means all the groups will have to work together in glorious diversity in order to govern the United States. As with the U.S. so now with the world, they reason. It never enters the minds of the liberals and globalists that whites can opt out, in other words secede and form their own Ethno-State, and thus upset the globalist apple cart. That is exactly what the Aryana Foundation advocates with its Aryana Free State imperative. One cannot save both the United States and the white race upon the North America continent.

Already Texas, New Mexico,and California have non-white majorities. In time the entire American Southwest will become majority Latino while the deep South becomes majority black. That means the Red States in the Southwest will slowly turn blue, as will the South, and that, coupled with the Eastern seaboard and West Coast states that are already blue, means no white conservative, much less one with a white nationalist bent, will ever be elected president of the United States again. Thus no salvation through the legal process.

So if whites remain in the United States their only function will be to try to keep the economy functioning, which will almost surely necessitate higher taxes, much higher taxes, to keep the entire welfare state, which will be a majority non-white welfare state, solvent as it turns out more non-white babies thus creating a viscous cycle.

And then the sons, and now the daughters, of this shrinking white middle class will still be expected to give their lives for the system in whatever new globalist ventures the United States involves itself in next. It will be constant wars for non-existent peace. The only solution left to us as a people is for a portion of the Red States, those who still have a majority white base with healthy instincts, to secede from the United States and form the Aryana Free State. It will be the mission of the Foundation to prepare the way by infusing the people with our ideology and turning them from reactionary conservatives into racial preservationists.

The Aryana Free State could then adopt sensible policies on immigration and citizenship based on our  world view and holistic ideology, instead of letting big business elements write the immigration policy, as is now the case with the United States. A citizenship policy that reverts to the time honored system of quotas which limits immigration and citizenship strictly to Caucasians with a preference for people of Northern, or Northwest European, ancestry. A nation that forbids same sex marriage and adoption of children by same sex couples. A nation that supports same race marriages, but not interracial or homosexual marriages. A nation that bans the abortion of healthy white infants and operates a free nationwide system of adoption agencies as a alternative to abortion and for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to have children.

A nation in which the people are sovereign with a new constitution providing for citizen's initiatives, referendums, and voter recall, a Folk Democracy in the truest sense of the word!  A nation in which the vote is earned, not bestowed at birth. A nation with a multiple and graded franchise based on abilities and service to the State. A nation of fair trade, not free trade, where everybody pays the same tax percentage with no exemptions for corporations. A nation not afraid to impose tariffs and engage in economic nationalism with nations that exploit cheap labor or engage in unfair trade policies or employ slave labor. A nation that produces healthy and uplifting movies that do not extol the anti-hero or champion miscegenation or homosexuality, as does Hollywood, but instead exemplifies the highest ideals of Western culture. A nation of our people, by our people, and for our people! Our beloved Aryana! Hail Aryana!



One of the main components of our ideology, or world view, is the concept of Future Vision. One of the sad commentaries on the age in which we live is that most whites seem to be incapable of thinking in future terms. Politicians  and political parties cannot see beyond the next election anymore than corporations can see beyond their spread sheets or short term profits. Neither can see the effects their short term policies have on future generations.

Future Vision is that rare trait among a minority of our people who can see beyond their personal lives, or the next elections, or the diversions and perversity of this modern age, the age of Liberal-Modernity, into the decades and centuries to come. They see the dystopian future that awaits our people if we continue on this present path. Thus the mission of the Aryana Foundation is to seek out these people and elevate them into positions of power. The Foundation is one of the few organizations that has embodied this concept and offers an alternative to our present path, which is the road to extinction, with a vision of a better way that can be ours if we can rediscover our will to power and preservation. Only then can we build a political structure that will ensure a future for our children and generations yet unborn in the centuries to come. That political stricture, of course, will be the Aryana Free State.

Perhaps Oswald Spengler explained it better in his book The Hour of Decision ( Circa 1933). Consider his following quote in that regard:
" Is there a man today among the white races who has the eyes to see what is going on around him on the face of the globe?  To see the immensity of the danger which looms over the mass of peoples? I do not speak of the educated city crowds, the newspaper readers, the herds who vote at elections- and for that matter, there is no longer any quality difference between the voters and those who vote for them- but of the ruling class of white nations, in so far as they have not been destroyed, of the statesmen in so far as there are any left; of the true leaders of policy, of economic life, of armies, of thought. Does anyone, I ask, see over and beyond his own time, his own continent, his country, or even the narrow circles of his own activities?"

In regard to the question posed above by Spengler we can joyfully say that the Aryana Foundation embodies the concept of which he speaks and has given it the name Future Vision!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Meta-politics as defined by the Foundation is a many faceted ideology. On the national level it is a form of transcendent  nationalism based on a common heritage that transcends economic and social divisions within the nation leading to a true folk community which must be the basis of any future White Ethno-State such as the Aryana Free State.

It is the belief that bigger is not always better, that a smaller, more racially homogeneous nation, is much more stable and viable in the long run than the large multiracial empire that America has become. Meta-politics believes in universal sovereignty, that each ethnic group in North America (be it white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Native-American or French Canadian)  has the right to self-determination. Meta-politics is the belief in self -determination for all and enforced inclusion, or diversity, for none! It is a live and let life philosophy.

Meta-politics is the belief that it is the fate of large multiracial or multicultural entities to break up into smaller, more racially homogeneous units. We see this time and time again in world history. The Western Roman Empire became the nations of Western Europe, after centuries of disorder and bloodshed, the Byzantine Empire the nations of the Middle East and North Africa, and the Ottoman Empire the nations of the modern Arab world. Most recently the Soviet Union split up into  various independent republics and, unlike the United States during the Civil War, the Soviet Union did not use military force to keep those nations from seceding.  Such will also be the fate of the United States. America has become ungovernable, unsustainable, and nonviable. It is inevitable that it will soon fragment. It is the path of history.

Many Americans  somehow naively believe that the United States will be the one nation, unique in the annals of history, that never falls and maintains its empire forever! We act as if natural laws do not apply to Americans, but only to the rest of the word. But those with understanding, those with eyes to see and ears to hear that can read the signs of the times, already can see the beginning of the death throes that will tear America apart. This is indeed an unfortunate situation. It is not something the Aryana Foundation advocates, or revels in. It is not white racialism that is tearing America apart, instead it is equality run riot. It is the poisonous fruit of liberalism that does to a nation what AIDS does to a body. All this could have been avoided if we had not lost our will to power as a race.


Aryana is racial preservation personified.

Aryana is love of race within the context of a more natural order.

Aryana is the ethos and ethnos of a people redeemed.

Aryana is consanguinity and community.

Aryana is a golden chain that links a heroic past to a revitalized present connected to a transcendent future.

Aryana is a vision of all that is beautiful and sacred within our race.

Aryana is that Faustian spirit whose very name denotes the nobility within.

Aryana is the will to power, the quest for beauty and order, and the cradle of higher humanity.

Aryana is hierarchy and harmony, liberty and liberation.

Aryana is self-determination for all and enforced diversity for none.

Aryana is the life force of the creator descending upon our people and manifesting itself through duty and honor.

Aryana is the urge to excel instead of being content with mere existence.

Aryana is the collective will of the race.

Aryana is the cause of causes, the dream of dreams.

Aryana is our sacred calling, our glorious challenge, our noble quest.

Aryana is the incarnation of excellence, the striving for perfection.

Aryana is struggle and sacrifice, valor and victory.

Aryana is the race united and the race triumphant.

Aryana is the desire to make mankind anew, the ennoblement of higher humanity.

Aryana is the next step in the political evolution of our  people.

Aryana is perpetuation and progeny.

                                                                     HAIL ARYANA!

Monday, January 12, 2015


To put it bluntly I grew tired of all the drama and dysfunctionalism in the white racialist movement. I saw the same problems occur over and over again. I realize every organization has its lunatic fringe. The Republicans have the Neo-Conservatives who are hell bent in getting into a ground war in the Middle  East and are stuck perpetually in 1938 whereby another Hitler is always on the rise and plotting new genocide against this or that people, thus necessitating America become involved.

Then you have the Libertarians who somehow imagine that open borders and no economic regulations on Capitalism will be a good thing, as will the legalization of all drugs and prostitution. All that would lead to is one gigantic Wal Mart type entity dominating all economic endeavors while the moral tone of the nation goes straight to Hell as the white genotype and phenotype disappear from both the United States and Canada.

The Democrat Party also has its fringe that wants to make war on all that is orderly, beautiful, and traditional. They make talk about the Republican "war on women" but the truer reality is the war on whites, not to mention achievement, that the Democratic party excels in.

The history of the white racialist movement in America is a history of repeated failures.Part of the problem is the cult of personality. Heretofore it has not had a coherent ideology thus building a organization on what it opposes instead of what it supports. One cannot build anything on hate if you hope for any longevity. Hate dissolves as it create conflicts among individual members. This  is why when this or that racialist leader dies the organization he built collapses because it was his personality, and not the ideology, that kept the movement going.

Many critics contend that the message is right but the people are wrong. What they mean by that is that the movement has done a poor job of attracting quality people, people of sterling character. It is a truism in life that if one has not been a success he gravitates towards others equally unsuccessful and thus compounds the situation by their combined negativity. Unfortunately, far too many of these types of people have found a welcome home in the racialist movement and thus drag the rest of us down.

When it is all done and said each of us, and I am only referring to my fellow whites in this regard, have been contaminated by America's toxic culture whether we realize it or not. We must all do an inner examination and expel the poisons. We are not the men are grandfathers were!

Thus I have undergone a deep inner soul search and created our ideology and the frequently asked questions section based upon my own experiences and observations as the answer to what should be. And what should be is the Aryana Foundation and an eventual Aryana Free State! Whether or not the Foundation takes off and becomes widely read and grows into a website that gives birth to an actual political organization that exists in the real world, and not just in cyber -space, is less important than the fact that its ideology becomes part of a real life movement, regardless of what said movement may be called. In this regard the exact definition of what we should be is not only found in our 12 foundational columns but also in the answers to questions posed in our FAQs section, the questions of which I have heard asked time and time again both by white activists and their opponents. Examine the answers, as well as the 12 foundational columns, and you will have a complete education of what we must become.

Everything the Foundation does is out of love of race and to secure our freedom and preservation. One only has to read the introduction to our blog to understand this. We believe in self-determination for all and enforced diversity, or inclusion, for none. Allied with that is the belief that those who advocate the physical assimilation of our race into one global, coffee & creamed colored Afroeurasian monoethnicity, are just as evil, and just as psychotic, as those among us who advocate the physical extermination of every race but their own. Both are forms of genocide but only one is universally condemned, while the other is advocated night and day by the media establishment in America.

I see one of these malignant strains pop up every once in a while in our movement. A case in point is the novel entitled the Turner Diaries. Now in all honesty I did read the novel and still have a copy, but I felt some of the scenes were strictly psychotic. I refer to the "Great Eastern Waste" caused by the nuclear destruction of all of East Asian by the Order, as well as the sudden disappearance of Sub-Saharan Africans the novel alludes to. I don't know about you but I have no desire to wipe out Asians and blacks. I simply want to  organize for our preservation and form our own Ethno-State.I would rather see a more natural system with independent development among all peoples along the lines of universal sovereignty and racial preservation as explained in our ideology.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

FAQ 33

33. What advice would you give to your fellow racial activists?

The advice I give will certainly not be popular in some racialist circles. First of all avoid Ku Klux Klan and Nazi groups like the plague. Many activists join said groups when they are young and it does come back to haunt them later in life.It could quite possibly be  career suicide later in life when one enters the work world full time.

Remove profanity and racial epithets from your vocabulary. Speak correctly and properly and endeavor to remove any slang that originated in the black community from your speech patterns. Remember your goal as an activist for our people is to attract the white middle and working classes, not scare the hell out of them with bizarre appearances and behavior. I have seen far too many white racialists who have enough body piercings to set off every metal detector within a hundred miles or enough body ink to rival the Sistine Chapel!

Do not post anything on social media that will later come back to haunt you. No talk of violence or racial epithets. Do not post anything you would not like read back in a court of law. Blend in, don't stand out! Do not speak, even jokingly, of acts of violence, nor tolerate those around you who do.

The hour is late and the situation is dire. Politics is much to serious a business to be left to politicians and the preservation of our race is much to serious to be left to  those with Nazi fetishes, or semi-literate rednecks, or people motivated by hateful or reactionary ideologies. We are indeed the last great hope for our race and thus it is imperative the Aryana Foundation embrace  higher politics, the politics of transcendence, and recognize the creation of the Aryana Free State as a transcendent political state responsible for the development of a higher culture and humanity.

But above all know the cunning ways of our enemies. Read their publications and websites. Know their arguments.Study to show thyself approved. Be well read in the history and culture of our people. Be able to argue the cause and our ideology to defeat the  enemy in arguments and debates. Ours is a righteous cause, one in harmony with nature and the Creator.

Everything we do should be out of love of race, not hatred of our enemies.The divine creator of the universe moves through us and God's great experiment cannot be allowed to perish. In closing, allow me to list several books to get you started upon this, our sacred quest!

1. The Ideal & Destiny by Richard McCulloch- probably the best book on race and politics I have ever read! The message is futuristic, not reactionary, and progressive. It is very optimistic and describes a future than can be ours if we can somehow overcome our present difficulties.
2. My Awakening by David Duke- probably the best and most well documented expose of organized Jewry I have ever seen with every source footnoted.
3. Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey- somewhat outdated now but he makes a case for the reorganization of Europe on a bio-cultural basis as one political entity. The opening chapter entitled Perspective is probably the most beautiful and sublime of any racialist book ever written.
4. Can the South Survive by Michael Andrew Grissom- probably the only author who examines the socio-sexual pathology that motivated many of the "Freedom Riders" that descended in masse upon the American South.
5.Revolution From Above by Kerry Bolton- probably the most devastating critique of globalism and the evil cabal which rules the United States I have ever read.
6. Mister by Alex Kurtagic- a work of fiction but very hilarious. It  is a racialist version of the Bonfires of the Vanities. It shows what can go wrong at the drop of a hat if one happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up getting entangled in political correctness.
7. Archeofuturism by Guillame Faye-  the author explains his ideology of Neo-traditionalism which may be the ideology we need to rejuvenate our race.

Friday, January 9, 2015

FAQ 32

32. There is  much discussion within the racialist right on the topic of Organized Jewry. However, in light of recent terrorism and Muslim immigration into Europe isn't that an outdated issue? Isn't Islamic terrorism a far greater threat?

One must not forget that all of the problems confronting our race can be boiled down to one symptom; the lack of will. By that we mean the will to life as explained by Schopenhauer and the will to power by Nietzsche. The combination of these two wills should create a third will,a will to preservation.If the first two wills are weak, or non-existent, then the third will cannot emerge.

Every since the end of World War II there has been a massive campaign of defamation against people of European ancestry, with the greatest animosity directed at the racially conscious community. The elements leading this campaign can be said  to constitute a diabolical trinity composed of Jewish supremacists, motivated by revenge and hatred of white Western civilization, white liberals, motivated by a self-hatred or guilt, and Global Capitalists, motivated strictly by the economic impulse and led by trans-nationalist elites who long for a world dominated by free trade and the quest for a world without any economic impediments whatsoever, whether we call these impediments  economic nationalism or racial preservation. Nothing can be allowed to stop the free flow of profits and the accumulation of wealth.

Each of these elements are hostile to the idea of ethnic based nations, especially as it relates  to white people, and their greatest fear is that somebody could upset their apple cart when they are so close to achieving global domination. They live in mortal fear of an outbreak of racial nationalism, especially one with a comprehensive and holistic ideology, one that could culminate into an Ethno-State dominated by a  form of  transcendent politics.In their quest to prevent such a racial awakening and political reordering they have opened the floodgates of non-white immigration into North America, into Europe, into Australia and New Zealand. No white enclave or bastion must be left with a white majority population to threaten the emergence of their beloved Weltstaat. (German for World State) Consider the following quote in that regard:
"We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this Country." (Earl Rabb, Jewish Bulletin, 19 February 1993) Understand that liberal and Jewish activists consider any form of white resistance, or a movement of racial preservation, as a form of Nazisim. But what they don't understand is that while they have indeed helped to transform America beyond the point where a nationwide movement could save her, the emergence of an Ethno-State is still very much doable. One cannot save both the United States and our race at the same time.It is way too late in the game for that. The racialist movement blew that chance during the Civil Rights era when we should have talked secession, but instead we talked States Rights and restoring America, limited government. None of that is possible now.

It is this diabolical trinity that has brought fanatical Muslims into Europe, and Mestizos into America. It is this evil cabal that has control of the media and encourages homosexuality and miscegenation among whites as a two pronged effort to hasten their extinction.They operate on the white devil theory of history whereby people of color can do no wrong; whereas white people can do no right! One function operates out of guilt and envy, one out of utopian egalitarian dogma, and one out of anticipated economic gain with the world as one unitary market.

This unholy trinity, this serpentine dragon, wants to coil around the entire world and infect them with its venom and thus paralyze our resistance, for it hates the seed of  our race and has unleashed a veritable flood of non-whites to wipe us from the face of the globe, either by outright genocide or by a slow death via assimilation, as a prerequisite to their world state, their serpentine habitat, where they can then devour the rest of the world at their leisure once they have it in their coils and  paralyzed it with their venom. But we are determined  in our creation of a Volksstaat as the only alternative to their Weltstaat! 

So we respond that the Islamic infestation of Europe is a symptom of the disease and not the cause. Muslims have been fighting Europe for hundreds of years, it is not something new. What is new is that the institutions that rule Western humanity have paralyzed our will to resist so that a minor sickness now turns into a life threatening disease. As I have said before liberalism does to a nation with AIDS does to a body.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

FAQ 31

31. There has been much discussion about the Holocaust in white racialist circles What is the position of the Foundation on the Holocaust?

As regards the Holocaust I think it can be said that the truth is between the two extremes.One cannot claim that National Socialist Germany did not gas a single Jew especially when there is a fleeting reference in Mein Kampf to gassing. Consider the following quote in that regard:
"  If at the beginning of the war and during the war twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corrupters of the people had been held under poison gas, as happened to hundreds of thousands of our best German workers in the field,the sacrifice of millions at the front would not have been in vain.On the contrary; twelve thousand scoundrels eliminated in time might have saved the life of a million real Germans, valuable for the future" (Mein Kampf, , Ralph Manheim edition, page 679)

However, the opposite is also true. No once can say with any degree of historical accuracy that Hitler's Germany deliberately and methodically and in a very efficient and streamlined manner executed six million Jews in an assembly line manner. Please do not misunderstand, the Foundation is not denying the Holocaust, we do believe Jews were gassed in World War II and thus we believe Holocaust deniers are wrong in that regard, but we do not believe the number was anywhere near six million. But let us be the devil's advocate. Let us double that number and say the actual figure was close to 12 million instead of six million. Now let us ask how many people were killed in acts of genocide by Stalinist Russia.The number of Ukrainians deliberately starved to death by a government induced famine came to be known as the Holodomor. The number of people killed in the Holodomor exceeds the number of people killed in the Holocaust. Ask yourself why everyone has heard of the Holocaust but nobody has heard of the Holodomor. That may be because people of Ukrainian descent do not dominate America's mass media to the extent that people of Jewish descent do. Otherwise you would hear more about the Holodomor instead of the Holocaust!  And then if we add to that the Volga Germans  and the Kulaks then we will see Stalinist Russian, not Hitler's German, holds the record as regards genocide.

I well understand the sage advice offered by many historians that one cannot accurately determine what happened in any given situation until we are able to examine it dispassionately after 150 years so that by then all the principle actors and passions have died.

One must also realize that in the public mind at that time the terms Jews and Communists became synonymous in the public mind because of the leading roles of Jews in the early Bolshevik revolution. Consider the following quote from Winston Churchill in that regard;
" There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures were Jews." ( Illustrated Sunday Herald, 8 February 1920)

Indeed many Jews have found the  whole Holocaust industry quite profitable and this has led many to deliberately inflate the actual numbers of the dead and in many cases even creating elaborate fabrications of events that never occurred. This may sound like an incredible accusation, as well as horribly anti-Semitic, but Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein made that exact claim in his book The Holocaust Industry; Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.

In closing I would point out that more people have died in man's attempt to achieve some type of egalitarian utopia than have ever died in man's attempt to create some type of racially exclusive state. Make no mistake about it; man's most dangerous and deadly myth is the belief in innate human equality. For what makes man unique is not his similarities , but his differences. It is those differences that drive progress and societal and biological evolution towards greater divergence and lifeforms.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FAQ 30

30. How do you feel about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism?

The Foundation believes that any serious discussion of Adolf Hitler must separate his domestic policies from his military policies. If Hitler had died in 1938 before the crisis in the Sudetenland  he would have gone down in history as one of the most successful and popular politicians in German history. From his assumption of power in 1933, until the Sudeten crisis in 1938, it could be argued, and quite correctly up to that point, that all he was trying to do was to recover land stolen from Germany as a result of the Versailles treaty. Up to that point he could claim to be building greater Germany by annexing the Saar and Austria and the German populated Sudeten area of Czechoslovakia. But once he annexed the non-German areas of Czechoslovakia , and made it a German protectorate, he became more of an imperialist than a nationalist and lost the moral imperative he had.

His invasion of the Soviet Union proved to be his undoing. It is evident that looking back at his personal correspondence he was not convinced he would even win if he attacked the Soviet Union is his quest for living space, and the establishment of German colonies, in the east. It seems slightly insane today for a nation to imagine it could defeat the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the United States simultaneously. The invasion of the Soviet Union was a great gamble, and even he knew it was a risky endeavor comparing it to kicking in the door of a darkened house and rushing in not knowing what one would encounter. If one was to ask why National Socialism is not here today as the governing entity of any western nation one can only reply that Adolf Hitler's megalomania killed it.

What he should have done was enter into a secret agreement with anti-Stalinist, Russian nationalist elements and supported them in their efforts to overthrow Communism. I am sure a deal could have been worked out whereby they would cede land to Germany in return for their military support in a nationalist revolution against Communism. The result would have been  the defeat of Communism and the rise of a nationalist Russia allied with a Greater German Reich. But such was not to be. Hitler's imperialism proved stronger than his nationalism or his racialism.

It cannot be seriously argued that Hitler was "pro-white" or some type of pan-racialist as many of his followers try to argue today as his war of the Slavs, whom he considered racially inferior even though they were white,resembled nothing so much as another white on white civil war, in this case Slav verses Germanic. Our race cannot stand another world war between opposing white nations! That is why we feel is imperative to maintain good relations with Russia. History is not without its ironies; today the key to white global survival is dependent on Russian support. That is why it is imperative that any future white Ethno-State in North America maintain friendly relations with Russia. Thus the Foundation must resist American efforts to incite war with Russia over the Ukrainian situation, which could be the spark that ignites World War III, a war in which only the Chinese would benefit. 

We do admire many, but not all, of the domestic policies of National Socialist Germany, more specifically its Strength Through Joy program and their policy to raise the birthrate and combat cultural degeneracy. Equally laudable is the idea of a Folk Community as the method of achieving national unity in which the collective good is placed above individual concerns as well as Plutocratic or Proletariat desires.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

FAQ 27-29

27. What is the Foundation's position on homosexuality? Do you believe it is cased by genetic or environmental factors?

As with most situations it is an interplay of both. We do believe there is a genetic predisposition towards homosexuality, much like the genetic predisposition towards alcoholism. However, Gay activists deliberately exaggerate their numbers in society claiming to be at least 10% of society, when more realistic studies state the actual figure does not exceed 5%, with 3% probably being the actual number. Homosexuality has always been a part of all cultures in much the same way as a certain percentage of the population may be born deaf or color blind. 

Despite the paranoia of many conservatives homosexuals will never take over the world, at best they will not rise above a certain percentage,and their growth will not overwhelm and destroy society, unlike miscegenation. Of the two miscegenation is by far the greater threat. However, in times of cultural and moral decay homosexuality becomes more prevalent and becomes just another weapons in the arsenal of the enemy with which to batter and destroy the dominant Western culture. That is why the Aryana Foundation opposes organized homosexuality and in the Aryana Free State same sex marriage, or adoption by same sex couples, will be strictly prohibited. We should point out the term homosexual as used in this discourse also refers to  the whole LGBT community, to use the language of the left. The same prohibitions towards them will also apply in Aryana .Perhaps in time we can  find the gene that causes said predisposition and eliminate it from the gene pool.

28. When do you anticipate the formation of the Aryana Free State in America?

Aryana is just our idealization of what must be done in order for our race to survive. We have tried to design a comprehensive ideology and world  view that will be necessary for any future white Ethno-State to survive and prosper. I personally believe we have done an admirable job that is superior to 99% of white racialist organizations and ideologies out there. That having been said we realize we exist, at least for the present, only in cyber-space and not in the actual world. We hope to change that in time as this is only phase one in a multi-phase effort.

I don't think we will get any meaningful change until white people reach minority status. That is due to happen by 2040, and although whites will be a minority, they will still be the largest numerical ethnic group in America. Even after 2040 whole areas of the united States will still remain majority white. Whites will need to feel the pinch and realize their self-evident extinction,unless things change. It will probably be some time after 2040. It will happen only when whites fear for the fate of their children more than they do the ostracism of neighbors, or government retaliation.

If our dedication does not exceed that of Communists, who are willing to live, sacrifice, and die for the Party, and an objective they may never see, then we will never be successful. Now what percentage whites will have to be of the total population, whether it is 45%, 40%, 30%, 20%, or 10%, before they realize the writing on the wall and organize for their survival, preservation, and protection, I have no idea. Time will tell. But just as British oppression of the Boers caused an outbreak of Afrikaner nationalism , so will government opposition  to the very idea of whites organizing among themselves in terms of an alternative nationalism also enrage the system in the decades to come.

29. What will it take to make the formation of something like the Aryana Free State a reality?

At the very least I would say 3 to 5 contiguous Red States, some of which must have an outlet to the sea. It cannot be a totally landlocked area as an outlet to the sea is indispensable for trade. Logic dictates  that the states in question must be majority white with a conservative base. That will leave out the Blue States as it is easier to convert social conservatives to our cause then it is Liberal-Marxist  oriented whites.

Things will change drastically in the decades to come. We can expect massive white flight as Red States turn blue and Blue States turn red due to differential birthrates among whites and non-whites, not to mention catastrophic non-white immigration. It is not to far fetched to imagine a political break up of Canada also with some of the Western provinces joining with the Aryana Free State.

Monday, January 5, 2015

FAQ 24-26

24. How do you feel about the future of mankind?

The future of humanity either will merge into one Afroeurasian monoethnicity or it will diverge into greater, more specialized and diverse stocks. One scenario is the end of history and the last man, the other will become a star faring civilization and the nucleus for a higher humanity. Of course, we are visualizing this as regards our on race and  the Ethno-State is what we envision as the future template of that greater divergence and specialization.

25. Do you believe in the free enterprise system?

We make a distinction between free enterprise and Capitalism as well as free trade and fair trade. We prefer fair trade over so called free trade and free enterprise over Capitalism. The two terms are not one and the same and more lengthy discourse is included in our discussion of Social Nationalism  which is found in the December 2014 archives. Social Nationalism is one of the 12 ideological columns of our foundational beliefs. We believe in the right to own property, to better oneself, should be the hallmark of any sane economic policy. That includes the profit motive because socialist utopias, whereby each works according to his ability to give according to those with needs out of the goodness of his heart, and without any financial benefit to himself, is unrealistic, contrary to human nature, and a recipe for disaster.

26. How do you feel about Feminism and women's rights?

There is no glass ceiling in the Foundation. While we acknowledge that women and men are not interchangeable units, that there are indeed biological differences between the two, we are not going to relegate our female members into some women's auxiliary. Women are able to become members and officers in the foundation and no office shall be barred.

It is indeed ironic that so many of the Feminist leaders are Jewish as that is a culture that has virulent strains of misogyny. We must indeed win our females back from their malevolent clutches as they use their version of feminism to destroy Western society, as it is merely one more weapons used against us in the arsenal of Cultural Marxism.

By contrast the nations of Northern Europe in pre-Christian times allowed women to own property, initiative divorce, and speak in the Althing. A Celtic queen named Boadicea led a major revolt against the Romans comparable to that of Arminius.  Where would we be as a white English speaking nation without Queen Elizabeth and her leadership in the defeat of the Spanish Armada? Otherwise Spain would have settled what is now the United States and Canada and followed the same pattern they showed in Mexico by mating with, or raping the natives, and creating a hybrid, and notoriously unstable, not to mention violent, race known as Mestizos.Imagine that; a white female made white, English speaking America, possible!