Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Norway has done something we can all be proud of. Since 2008 they have made an effort to collect all the various crop seeds of humanity and store them 427 feet above sea level in a vault cut in the side of a mountain where they are kept at an ideal temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit for seed preservation.

Two people deserve credit  and they are Maria Haga, who is the director of the foundation behind the seed  vault (Crop Trust) and Cary Fowler, a scientist from Tennessee who has been the guiding force behind the vault.

Both Haga and Fowler claim that the vault was not started because they suspected a catastrophe was coming (as is the common perception) but because with the advent of genetically improved hybrid seeds many of the native seed varieties were declining. This was an attempt at seed conversation.

So, why is it that seed and animal conservation is highly desirable in order to preserve their uniqueness but when whites try to do the same and preserve their genetic uniqueness it is seen as hate and malevolence whereas when other races do so they are applauded and held up as examples other races (excerpt for whites) should emulate.

Make no mistake about it. When Aryana becomes a reality and takes it place among the nations of Man then there will be a vast repository where the best eggs and sperm are stored in the event there is a catastrophe and we have to replenish the race.

Friday, July 17, 2015


I must confess I like the new Sarah Connor in the most recent Terminator series. She is also the same girl who plays "Mother of Dragons" in Game of Thrones. With a little imagination we can easily visualize her as a future soldier fighting for the independence of the Aryana Free State! I like her wide eyed innocent demeanor a lot better than the previous Sarah Connor who had too many mannish traits.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Danish scientist have analyzed the DNA from Kennewick man and found that his genome does not belong to a European and that it is more closely related to contemporary Native-Americans. Eske Willerslev, a geneticist at the University of Copenhagen and lead author of the  study which was published in the journal Nature,  believes the conclusion is rock solid.

Of course, the Liberal/Marxist coalition could not stop there. They had to extrapolate the data in one one particular case and claim  that this case proved that the very concept of Europeans journeying to North America before the Indians was a racist fantasy! They seemed to forget that Kennewick man was in Washington State whereas the evidence for Pre-Colombian ice age Europeans in North America (known as Solutreans) were in the Virginia tidewater region over half a continent away.One arrived by the Bering Straight, the other via an ice pack on the Atlantic ocean. One was here thousands of years before the other! Could that be why Native-Americans have quietly retired that term and now prefer to be called "First Nations Peoples?" Is that an acknowledgement that they were not actually the first people in North America?

Many Native-Americans , such as the Paiute, have legends of the extermination of a tall, red headed, blue eyed people, who were already here when they arrived in North America. Could that be the descendants of the Solutreans? Is that why the first European colonies were puzzled as to why some Indians had blue eyes?

Monday, June 15, 2015


One can tell a lot about public perception as regards future environments in contemporary science fiction novels or games. In the Mass Effect video games the story revolves around the discovery of lost technology left on Mars by an alien race called the Protheons. This technology consisted of a series of star gates that makes faster then light speed possible. By 2149, one year after the discovery of Protheon technology on Mars, the Systems Alliance is formed, a group of 18 of the most powerful nations on earth dedicated to interstellar exploration and settlement.

In this version of future history there is of yet no united earth government as exists in Star Trek in the 23rd century.  However Northern European  traits (That is to say "Aryan" traits)  of blue or green eyes, and red , blond, or light brown hair, is now extinct. Caucasian traits still exist but they tend to resemble more Mediterranean traits or that of light skinned Hispanics. Everybody is dark haired, olive skinned, and dark eyed. Most people, however, are racially mixed including the hero, Commander Shepherd, who appears to be a person of  1/8 or possibly 1/16 Negro. His lips are thin, and his nasal bridge is narrow like that of Caucasians, but he is dark complected and his hair is close cut against his scalp and curly like that of Negroes.  In the 22nd century in which Mass Effect takes place blue contacts and blond hair dye are all the rage! It is fashionable to look Aryan but Aryankind has all but disappeared, an example of extinction via assimilation.

This is in marked contrast to the science fiction movies of the sixties, seventies, and eighties in which all space explorers were white and non-whites were seldom to be seen.  Society was like America was back then, still with a white majority firmly in control, a technological wonderland, and no demographic threat was on the horizon. Cities were beautiful and artistic glass and steel constructions connected by transparent tubes in which electronic car like units zipped from building to building hundreds, if not thousands, of feet above street level. Everybody wore one piece coveralls, usually white or silver, with the interior of these buildings brightly lit with sky blue lighting and silver or white furnishings within.

Farms were completely automated with remote control tractors and combines doing all the planting and harvesting and in many cases under temperature controlled glass domes so farming could take place year around as well as automatic irrigation. A small group of programmers and technicians could overseer 100,00 acres or more!

Trains were nuclear powered, or even operated by magnetic levitation, and would reach speeds of hundreds of miles per hour in their beautiful streamlined rocket shaped designs. Colonies existed on the moon and Mars and space flight was as common as jet flight is today with people vacationing on the moon and Mars and various space stations around earth.

The future seemed glorious! Indeed the recent movie Tomorrowland was produced in part because its creators felt cheated by the glorious future they were promised as children by the powers that be only to see America turn into an interracial hell hole as China assumes our technological expertise as America becomes a majority non-white and stagnant third world nation! Who would have believed that the Apollo missions would be canceled at Apollo 17, even though it was designed to last until Apollo 24, and that the remainder of those finances would be transferred to social welfare programs. All the more reason why we need an Aryana Free State to once again inspire our people to greatness with its strength of will and clarity of vision. Liberal democracy, whether in its Republican or Democratic manifestation, is not getting the job done and is killing us as a people and hastening our racial extinction!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I am in the process of finishing a massive four volume space opera. What is not important is the name of the series or that of its author but instead is his vision of the future.  As regards the future Earth it is a unitary globalist government ruled by the United Nations which has been transformed into an all powerful world federation. Its Secretary General is the chief executive of the planet and in this case is a Latino of South American extraction but the real power behind the throne is a Hindu female from India.They are the two most powerful people on the planet.

Earth's main rival is the independent Congressional Republic located on Mars. Opposed to both Mars and Earth is the Outer Planets Alliance which is based in the asteroid belt and on the moons of Jupiter. The OPA tends to be more libertarian than either the Earth or Mars which both seem to be dominated by interplanetary power politics in some sort of a new cold war based scenario. The head of the OPA is a black male. Most of the people in the OPA are either Indian, Chinese, or American. (Especially Texans) I should point out that none of these nationalities are distinct as they are so mixed together as to be racially unidentifiable, but certainly non-white, with all Celto-Germanic (Northern European) traits completely obliterated via assimilation. Apparently the extinction of Northernkind has had no effect upon the world, or space exploration and technology, as the Indians and Chinese merely pick up the torch as they merge into one monoethnicnicity, at least in the asteroid belt region anyways. (Can you say Pan-Mixia?) Who knows, perhaps Niger Innis will be the ancestor of the future head of the Outer Planets Alliance!


Thursday, May 14, 2015


Everything contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. The United States is no different.  To assume that somehow, someway, the United States would be the one nation that will defy the odds and exist in perpetuity merely demonstrates how political naive the American people are. There are a myriad of reasons for the decline of the United States, some of which were even present at its very inception.

It remains to be seen whether the United States is terminal, but if it is the best that can be hoped for, and indeed the only everlasting legacy that extinct nations can leave for their posterity,is to understand why it fell so that in another time and place we can build on that legacy and thus be able to identify those political pathogens that if left unchecked are nation wreckers and will do to a nation what AIDS does to a body. Aryana will be that nation and by understanding the pathogens in the American system will be able to inoculate our people against them so that a more glorious expression of our peoples being will walk forth in the light of a new sun as a new day dawns. Hail Aryana!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The conservationist movement reflects the legacy of John Muir. It is Muir who founded the Sierra Club as well as being instrumental in his advocacy of the national park system which we have today. However, Muir was conservative in his political beliefs, one might even go so far as to say he saw racial conservation as an important component of environmental conservation. That has infuriated many in the liberal community as well as the lack of non-white participation in the whole ecology-conservationist movement.

Jan Christensen, a historian with UCLA's Institute of Environmental and Sustainability is one of his foremost critics. Consider the following quote from Christensen;

" The conservationist movement of John Muir and its influence on a certain demographic- older and white- is a problem."

                                                                JOHN MUIR

Friday, April 17, 2015


* Aryana is the vision of all that is beautiful, noble, and precious within our race.

* Aryana is racial preservation personified.

* Aryana is the Will to Power, the quest for beauty and order, and the cradle of higher humanity.

* Aryana is the Faustian spirit of our race whose very name notes the nobility within.

* Aryana is hierarchy and harmony, liberty and liberation, perpetuity and posterity.

* Aryana is self-determination for all and enforced diversity for none.

* Aryana is the life force of the Creator descending upon our people and manifesting itself through valor, duty, and honor. 

* Aryana is not merely the will to resist but the urge to excel.

* Aryana is the collective will of our people.

* Aryana is the cause of causes, the dream of dreams.

* Aryana is our sacred calling, our glorious challenge, our noble quest.

* Aryana  is the incarnation of excellence, the striving for perfection.

* Aryana is struggle and sacrifice, valor and victory.

* Aryana is the race united and the race triumphant.

* Aryana is the desire to make mankind anew, the ennoblement of higher humanity.

*  Aryana is the next step in the political evolution of our people.

* Aryana  is love of race within the context of a more natural order.

* Aryana is the ethos and the ethnos of a redeemed people.

*  Aryana is consanguinity and community.

*  Aryana is a golden chain that links a heroic and mythic past to a revitalized present connected to a transcendent future.


Hail Aryana!

Monday, April 13, 2015


New research by Oakland University professor Barbara Oakley has raised a revolutionary idea she refers to as "pathological altruism" which is on display on a daily bases throughout  American society and government. Altruism becomes pathological, Oakley explains, when an act of kindness hurts people rather than help them. If you help you pain addicted brother obtain more pills because you feel sorry for him your not helping him your doing irreparable harm by feeding his addiction.

In public policy the equivalent was the well meaning government effort in previous decades when Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae gave unqualified borrowers  (Most of them non-white) mortgages they couldn't afford, while encouraging more qualified borrowers to overextend themselves. The result was a housing bubble that popped and almost ruined the finances of millions of Americans and caused a deep recession  that effected the entire nation. Part of the force driving this was the effort on the part of liberals demanding the government make it easier and more affordable ( by relaxing credit requirements) for non-whites to receive housing loans and become first time home owners.

The end result was the American taxpayer, a majority whom are still white,  had to bail out the entire housing industry to keep the economy from collapsing. Remember that next time some liberal tells you what a blessings diversity is as he, or she, repeats the sacred mantra whereby our strength is our diversity.

Our public policies are based on white guilt and liberal feelings of empathy and Liberal-Marxist oriented systems of government allegedly designed to help the masses but ultimately harm their intended beneficiaries. (Or in the case of Communism kills them outright) Real kindness  lies in recognizing that altruism can produce great evil as well as good.

Of all the people on planet earth it is white people of Northern European ancestry who appear to have the most finely developed sense of altruism. Many Evolutionary Psychologists believe this is a trait that developed during the ice age in which one had to work together in teams or freeze individually. The problem is that it's a great intra-racial trait within a homogeneous nation but becomes absolutely toxic when applied to others in a multiracial society. As author Richard McCulloch observes in his book, The Ideal & Destiny, this ideology taken out of its natural environment is one of the main factors that are driving whites towards extinction an ideology he calls "Altruistic-egalitarianism" 

Sunday, March 15, 2015


White people must understand that the political dynamics have changed. The true divide is no longer between advocates of big government and supporters of smaller government. The true divide is not between  Conservative Republicans or Liberal Democrats, or between the lunatic left or the reactionary right. It is between globalists and nationalists. Americans have not grasped the concept that the number one advocate for world government is none other than the United States! We would point out that the Communistic left is no longer the  driving force of globalism, it has now been co-opted by the corporate capitalism of the American right! Therefore, any form of serious white resistance must evolve beyond the traditional, or reactionary right, and embrace a concept of economic nationalism allied with a communal spirit of social justice for all within the confines of  a clearly defined racial community.

There was a time when Global Capitalism had to hide behind the red, white, and blue and pretend to be God fearing patriots and loyal Americans. But such a pretense always got under their skin. They seethed in silent anger and looked forward to the day in which they could throw off their shackles and the free flow of capital would be unrestrained by national borders or racial concerns. That day has now arrived so it should come as no shock that they have now dropped their patriot masquerade and now show forth their true globalist colors. Finally they can put profits above patriotism and deindustrialize America and move all factories and support staff to Third World nations so they can exploit their slave labor force to maximize profits and safety and environmental regulations be damned! Soon nation after nation will fall to the Plutocratic elite and become stepping stones on their path towards world government and their domination of the entire planet. They may use idyllic terms like the "Global Village" in order to lull the masses but mistake no mistake about it; this will  not be a global village like some kind of planetary Maybury but a global plantation with you being the serfs and them being the overlord class.


It is important to note that the word patriot is from the Latin word Pater, meaning father. Thus patriotism in its most pristine form was loyalty to a kindred stock. Thus, the original form of patriotism was firmly based on genetic and biological realities. The patriotism advocated by the Aryana Foundation is loyalty to a kindred ethnicity, not the pseudo-patriotism in which loyalty is directed towards an artificial nation-state that is hostile to the very idea of racial preservation or the idea of an Ethno-State. Such a nation prides itself on being a "Concept-Nation" based on some type of illusive universal egalitarian idea or Enlightenment dogma which preceded the science of heredity, genetics, and the discovery of DNA. Thus its ideology is grounded on the idea of the primacy of environmentalism and the malleability and interchangeability of humanity. 


The Aryana Foundation speaks in terms of political transcendence, that is to say transformative and future politics, the politics of our racial preservation and ennoblement. We are one of the few alternative political groups that has  a Worldview and a coherent and holistic ideology. (For a more concise explanation of our ideology and Worldview please check the December 2014 and January 2015 archives)Unlike the reactionary right we do not retreat into isolationism nor do we insist on imperialism and the march towards empire as do the Neo-Conservatives.

We believe in the racial preservation and ennoblement of our kind, that is our primary priority. We see no reason  why all the races of mankind cannot follow our example and live in peace and harmony once they have secured the preservation of their own ethnic or racial group. In that regard we believe in a live and let live philosophy with self-determination for all and enforced diversity, or inclusion, for none! That is the essence of our belief in universal sovereignty which is an important component of our ideology.

The creation of an Aryana Free State (AFS) will be the next step in the political evolution of our race. The establishment of the AFS will  sound the death knell of the current nation-state based solely on geographic boundaries found on a map. The world must realign in the form of more sustainable and natural bio-cultural entities. Such a transformation may be decades, or even centuries in the making,  but the Foundation has something no other contemporary group has and that is Future Vision! We alone have envisioned a more peaceful existence for our people in an orderly, free, and sustainable world without engaging, as some groups do, in apocalyptic and genocidal fantasies of racial war.

That is not to say hard choices will not have to be made or the future we envision will fall into place without any effort on our part. There will be struggles and upheavals but always remember behind every revolution is a vision of a better way! As the Bible so eloquently states; where there is no vision the people perish.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

23 & Me

A company known as 23 And Me has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent office to help parents chose traits for their future children ranging from disease risks to hair and eye color. Why  do we think this might be a beneficial policy for the Aryana Free State but an absolute disaster for liberal democracy? I can just imagine non-whites wanting babies with Northern European traits. In the AFS we envision a system of fertility clinics that will offer a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to those who have been unable to conceive naturally or would like healthier genetic offspring than their own genotype allows. Under this system doctors would scan  an embryo's genotype before it is implanted allowing prevention of serious or undesirable genetic traits. Of course, this will make necessary a vast repository of valuable eggs and sperm. (It goes without saying, of course, that the AFS limits citizenship and residence to those of Caucasian descent with a preference for those of Northern or Northwest European ancestry. Anglo-Celtic or Germano-Celtic, which ever term you prefer. Thus the repository will only contain eggs and sperm from that particular ethnos)

These clinics would be part of an government agency called the Department of Eugenics and Marital Enhancement which, in addition to these genetic clinics,  would also operate a free nation wide system of maternity clinics whereby a female could have her baby delivered free of charge with the latest in medical technology at her disposal should she chose to give her baby up for adoption. This is our alternative to the abortion of healthy white babies which has reached epidemic portions in the United States.

                                              SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX!
                                              ( The health or well being of the people is the supreme law)

Monday, March 9, 2015


Mr. Tallamy  is a professor of Entomology and Wildlife at the University of Delaware. He is very concerned about the introduction of alien fauna and  flora into an environment or area in which it did not evolve. Consider his following quote in that regard;

" The problem with alien plants is they don't stay put they spread to other areas reproducing with abandon and chocking the native plants and destroying nature's system of checks and balances."

What is true of plants is true of animals and humans. Remember when somebody introduced rabbits into Australia, a nation in which they had no national predators, until they reproduced to epic proportions and became  a huge menace so that many had to be destroyed to maintain the balance of nature and restore the natural law of checks and balances?

What is true of animals is true of humans especially when a non-native species is introduced into a new location and it tends to out reproduce the native population and upsets the natural balance leading to ethnic conflict or even war. Examples would include Negroes and Latinos into North America or Muslims of North African and Middle Easterner descent into Europe.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Liberty has always been a particular trait among the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Celtic peoples. However, as cherished as it might be liberty is not as vital as that of racial preservation. Liberty, once lost, can always be regained in a future struggle. However, should we loose our battle for racial preservation and go extinct as a people then all concepts of individual liberty and limited government also goes extinct along with the the people who first gave it birth and nourished its growth with our blood, sweat, and tears.

Friday, March 6, 2015


" The struggle of our time is to concentrate, not to dissipate; to renew our association with traditional wisdom; to reestablish a vital connection between the individual and the race. It is, in a word, a struggle against Liberalism"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We believe if present trends continue that sometimes in the late 22nd or early 23rd century the white race will go extinct on a planetary basis. When that happens North America will become a seething cauldron with massive infighting between blacks and Mestizos over the spoils and infrastructure left behind by white Americans and Canadians. Such a state of disorder will not continue indefinitely but  almost certainly invite a Chinese occupation of North America and subjugation and extermination of its remaining population. With such an area under it control, and with White Russians having become extinct as their American counterparts, the entire world will be dominated by people of East Asian ancestry.

Nature hates a vacuum and the final state of the world is not some universal egalitarian utopia where all races and creeds live united under one global government in egalitarian bliss like proponents of liberal democracy may believe. The future is either white extinction and Chinese domination of the planet or a multipolar world whereby whites in North America have regained control of their destiny in an Aryana Free State and live in peace and harmony with the rest of the  world according to its ideals of universal sovereignty, folk democracy, and the independent development of all the peoples of earth.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Most people can only see the economic and political decline of the West and do not realize that our decline also includes the cultural and moral realm. Consider the following report from the April 11, 2014 issue of THE WEEK magazine.

Dateline London, England:
Thousands of aborted fetuses have been burned to heat British hospitals. An expose by Channel 4 news last week found that 27 state run hospitals incinerated fetal remains, sometimes burning the body with other hospital wastes or using them in plants that generate power and heat.( Pg. 6)

This is insane. It reads like a horror script. The closest approximation I can come to it is in the world of fiction whereby Charlton  Heston is shouting, "Soylent Green is people!" This is the world Feminism, the Sexual Revolution, and liberalism have wrought!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


If you have not done so you need to read a book called Nova Europa by Arthur Kemp. (This is the same author who wrote March of the Titans ; a Contemporary History of the White Race)  The book is less than 100 pages so it is easy to read in one section. If you have ever doubted some of the cherished beliefs of the white racialist movement ( such as the idea that one day whites will rise up and become a potent revolutionary force sometimes after we reach minority status and the economy collapses) then this book is for you.

In reality most of the white people in America will not be saved, and truth be told probably do not deserved to be saved, because far too many are defective or dysfunctional and part of the problem. It is the belief of the Aryana Foundation that we need to shift our focus from trying to save the entire white race and concentrate on saving  that minority who deserves to be saved!

I suspect that when the day arrives and the feces finally hits the fan that most whites will hide in their basements or closets and wait for the national guard to come rescue them. The overwhelming majority will not fight back and will surrender meekly when that day comes. All those stockpiled guns will not be used because it takes force of will to use a gun and force of will is something the majority of our race seems to have lost due to the dying out of the alpha male. Nor will apocalyptic battles occur between government forces and political dissidents. In such a scenario the dissidents will be out manned, out maneuvered,  and outgunned by superior firepower, tactics, and caliber of weaponry. The idea of a battle between whites and non-whites after the collapse of the United States is folly. There will certainly be skirmishes , and perhaps even major battles, but it will not be whites verses non-whites. A more likely scenario is a band of racially conscious and highly organized whites verses a much larger and unorganized group consisting of Blacks, Hispanics, racially unidentifiable people, and whites devoid of racial consciousness or hostile to the very idea of racial consciousness among whites.

Let us leave racialist fantasies and bizarre conspiracies behind and concentrate on what could actually work by looking at a case study in which it is working. I refer, of course, to the Orania settlement in South Africa. It is more likely our future will be one of self-autonomous white racialist communities who govern themselves or live in accordance with the ideology and Worldview of the Aryana Foundation that will in time coalesce into one united political entity which will  be the nucleus from which we will form the Aryana Free State.

In that regard political devolution is far more likely than across the board white revolution.  White communities and gated villages with their own electrical and water supplies working together, perhaps even owning businesses in a type of social nationalism, may be how enough of our people survive to restart civilization and secure our racial preservation.

It is said there are 325 million people in the Unites States in which 77.8 percent of these are white. The Foundation doubts the white population is that high because a lot of people classified as white by the United States are anything but. One only has to look at the most wanted posters in the post office to see people who are clearly Hispanic or racially mixed are classified as white. Never the less we will use those government figures to illustrate a point.

Now 78 % of 325 million is 253 million, five hundred thousand. We will round that off to 254 million. Ten percent of that is  25. 4 million people if we were to reach ten percent of the white population with our message. However, if we could only reach 1 % of whites with our message that would still be 2.54 million. That is more than enough to build our Aryana Free State. After all, an organized and conscious minority is always stronger than a disorganized and dispirited majority!

Check out the Orania  settlement via  You Tube and the internet.

Http://www.projectnovaeuropa.com (They also have a Facebook site)

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Science fiction plots are full of time travel whereby people from the future have to go back and change the past and thus create an improved future they return to. In the novel Guns of the South Afrikaner nationalists in the future invent a time machine and travel back in time to give Robert E. Lee AK-47s the day before the Battle of Gettysburg. As a result the South wins the Battle of Gettysburg and France and England recognize the independence of the Confederacy and threaten to intervene if the North does make peace. The North , not wishing to risk French and English intervention, capitulates, withdraws their troops, and recognizes Southern independence. As a result the time line changes and in the world of the future to which the Afrikaners return they find that white rule in South African never capitulated because the Confederate States is their number one ally and protector against the United States. In the Terminator movies intelligent machines travel back in time to kill John Connor who led the human resistance against the takeover of intelligent machines in the future.

That having been said it is obvious we are on a timeline that is going to end badly for our folk unless things change. Sometimes in the mid 21st century whites will become a minority in the United States.  As we move closer to that date we can expect the tax burden on the white middle class to increase exponentially.  As the white tax base shrinks, due to lower birthrates, and taxes continue to be raised in order to keep all the social entitlement programs solvent so that non-whites, now a majority of the population, do not become a revolutionary mob new and diverse taxes will have to be invented. Perhaps even a racism tax upon white people for all the centuries of white privilege they have enjoyed at the expense of non-whites.

Vast sections of North America will began to resemble third world nations and we can expect the remaining whites to flee to more whiter pastures, provided government has not passed a law limiting their travel. Fleeing wont solve the problem, it merely postpones the inevitable. Neither will liberal democracy save us, nor the two party system, or appeals to a long dead Constitution. Demography is destiny and the only solution is the creation of an organization dedicated to the creation of an Aryana Free State, a new nation that is not only all white but racially conscious and proactive in the preservation and defense of our people. That is what must be done to change the timeline we are on otherwise sometimes in the late 22nd or early 23rd century the white race will become extinct not only in North America but also in every white Western descended nation on planet Earth.

                                                                  HAIL ARYANA!

Monday, February 23, 2015


The world cannot sustain another billion people. Many  politicians talk about population growth but they ignore the racial implications for Northernkind. (Aryana) The most dominant population groups on planet earth are Indian and Chinese. Few, if any, white European nations have a positive birth rate. They all have a shrinking demographic base. In North America Hispanics and African-Americans have birthrates that far exceeds those of whites. This bodes ill for our future both on a national and international scale.

The typical response of white liberals to the population explosion is to advocate birth control or talk about zero population growth. In other words they encourage whites to limit their births in the hopes that sub-Saharan Africa, China, and India, will do the same. Why should whites practice birth control and limit their own reproduction when non-whites have no intention of doing the same?  Margaret Sanger would roll over in her grave!

What we need is a government that works for us as a people and will do what it takes to boost the white birthrate while also working globally with our fellow white nations on a planetary solution to global overpopulation among third world and underdeveloped nations. That pretty much leaves out the United States. We will need to think in terms of a new political dispensation bringing forth new political entities. Which is why the Aryana Foundation advocates the creation of an Aryana Free State as the ultimate solution to our impending dispossession and extinction as a people.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Our eighth noble virtue is the Will to Order. For any healthy society to function there must be a balance between liberty and order. In contemporary  American society criminals run riot and are often let out early in order to ease prison overcrowding and thus end up committing even more crime. Society often has to wait years, if not decades, before those who have received the death penalty are finally executed, thanks to liberal democracy and its excessive concern for the primary of the individual over the collective good of the race. Such travesties of justice will not happen in the Aryana Free State! The Foundation views the nation as a biological organism, not as an experiment in equality and diversity. A living body must expel its waste products or it will die. In that respect liberalism does to a nation what AIDS does to a body. Indeed what is liberalism but a political pathology, a type of political AIDS, that wrecks and weakens society until it is overcome by problems that a healthy society would have no trouble defeating?

Our race is so paralyzed with the fear of being considered racist or intolerant that we allow non-whites, or an alien controlled media, to insult us at will and lack the fortitude to do what is necessary and proper, indeed what our ancestors would certainly have done, to end crime and the disorder of society and to secure the preservation of our race and a future for white children.

Always remember that the salvation of our race is the salvation of our planet! If we die as a race all the noble virtues of our race die with us and the world of the future becomes a teeming anthill of non-white humanity in screaming hues of brown, black, and yellow fighting over the carcass that our race has left behind like a bunch of maggots feasting on a dead body.

It will not be chaotic for long as nature hates a vacuum. If our race goes extinct the planet then becomes a Chinese protectorate  and all concepts of beauty, freedom, individualism, and progress will be destroyed. Earth will then drift through the cosmos devoid of higher man, a planet of slaves  dominated by the hive instinct of East Asian conformity and the Faustian spirit that drove the West will be no more.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Our seventh noble virtue is the Will to Beauty. True beauty is always in the minority and transcends mere physical beauty, although outward beauty was often a reflection of the  racial soul within in more healthier times. One only has to journey to a local shopping mall to notice that most people are not attractive, they are the odious and hideous dregs of  democratic egalitarianism. What is modern democracy but a cult of ugliness? Our race is becoming more obese and less healthy and less heroic with each passing generation. It is as if we can almost see the genetic stock deteriorating before our very eyes.

Liberals are fond of saying that everybody is beautiful in their own way and that nobody is truly ugly. But if everybody is beautiful, and nobody is ugly, then we have no standard whereby to measure beauty. After all, what is ugliness but deviation from an ideal norm?

Of all the races on planet earth it is strikingly obvious that Caucasians of Northern or Northwestern European stock are nature's finest and the pinnacle of beauty and thus constitute our ideal norm. The mission of the Aryana Foundation is to maintain and increase that beauty through a sustained eugenics program thereby increasing the proportions of beauty, intelligence, and character, among our race. It is said that the  population of ancient Sparta, especially the women, were the most beautiful in the ancient world  thanks in no small part to the  natural eugenics practiced by ancient Sparta. ( Was not the kidnapping of Helen the face that launched a thousand ships when the she taken to Troy?) Certainly none of the female denizens of your local Wal Mart would ever inspire men to the heights of glory and valor should anyone of them be kidnapped.

Likewise for the Germanic and Keltic tribes with their tall noble warriors and red haired, or blond haired women. Compare them with the types of people one sees in modern egalitarianism society. The coming Aryana Free State must cultivate beauty and reject the contemporary standard of beauty in which the more racially mixed a female is the more beautiful she becomes. (Think Beyonce, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, among others) Their concept of beauty is a person who is so racially mixed as to be racially unidentifiable. Such degenerate breeds are referred to as Afroeurasian and the policy that Liberal Modernity follows in that regard is known as Monoethnicity. This is fitting with their liberal ideas of a one world globalist government in which "racism" is ended by eliminating all identifiable races via miscegenation and assimilation until we are all one yellowish-brown, black kinky haired,  dark brown eyed race.

The Aryana Foundation's concept of beauty hearkens back  to the ideals of our ancestors. We embrace the ancient Aryan concept of beauty; the Germanic, the Keltic, the Anglo-Saxon, all that is encompassed by the term Aryana! Hair of red, hair of gold, eyes of blue and eyes of green, the white race has more diversity than all the other races on the planet.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall; whose the fairest of them all?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Our sixth noble virtue is the Will to Progress. Progress requires a stable political system, one not subjects to wild swings of public opinion manipulated by a hostile mass media. For instance; take the matter of space exploration. In a liberal-democratic system, like the United States, plans and finances approved and appropriated in one administration can be quickly  canceled in the next. Long term projects require a stable government and such will never be the case in a liberal multiracial democracy with an unlimited franchise.

Foreign governments do not like to deal with a nation knowing that any plans agreed upon might be canceled at the next American election. Such will not be the case when the Aryana Free State becomes a reality! Our nation will be based upon natural organic principles and will be a beacon of stability. Our plans are generational in scope and not tailor made just to survive the next election.

We believe in a vibrant space program with eventual colonies on the moon as well as manned missions to Mars. In time  our space program may evolve into a joint venture with other Western nations. It is not too far fetched to envision mining colonies in the asteroid belt and explorations of Titian and Europe.  Helium 3 is an abundant element  found readily on the moon which promises to be a unique power source, and perhaps the key to fusion reaction. The nation that achieves a vibrant mining operation on the moon could quite possibly end up dominating earth.

The Aryana Foundation exists to bring forth the Aryana Free State and the AFS must ensure our race becomes a multi-planetary species and eventually an interstellar and intergalactic species!  We must also explore the oceans and establish research bases and eventually undersea cities.  The AFS will implement a positive eugenics program and improve the health, longevity, beauty,and intelligence, of our people. Each generation must be better than the one before. All this the Aryana Foundation will do because we can see into the centuries and eons to come, not just into the next electoral cycle. We chose the path of future politics instead of temporary goals and short rage solutions.

Only the stability afforded by a transcendent political Worldview that unites the race into one body politic can undertake such a momentous task for our people and our future descendants. That is why the role of the Aryana Foundation in the creation of an Aryana Free State upon the North American continent is so vital to the preservation of our race! Make no mistake about it; the creation of the Aryana Free State is the next step in the political evolution of our people!

                                                         TAKE BACK THE FUTURE!
                                                         THINK RACIALLY, ACT POLITICALLY!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Our fifth noble virtue is the Will to Freedom. The Aryana Foundation realizes that freedom and equality are often incompatible ideals, especially within the framework of a Liberal-Democratic ethos. The more equality a nation strives for the less freedom it has. In a multiracial society the more diversity is imposed the more conflict occurs. The more conflict that occurs the more laws are needed and more laws means more police to enforce said laws and more lawyers to interpret laws, and consequently the more prisons are needed. Thus government imposed multiracial diversity leads to oppressive government and socialized egalitarian tyranny.

Freedom did not develop fully born out of the brow of Zeus like Athena. Freedom is part of a historical and cultural process among the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic peoples. From the misty green forests of the Germanic tribes to the Icelandic Althing to the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights to the Declaration of Independence, freedom is an exclusive concept among the Celto-Germanic peoples. Despite what contemporary American politicians may believe it is not something that can be adopted to all people and all occasions, nor can it be imposed by force and expected to have any longevity. Let the Celto-Germanic peoples, that is to say Aryankind, disappear from the earth and freedom will soon follow! No less a person that John C. Calhoun understood the connection between freedom and racial preservation. Consider the following quote in that regard;

" Liberty, indeed among the greatest of blessings, is not as great as that of protection; in as much as the end of the former is the progress and improvement of the race, while that of the latter is its preservation and perpetuation. And hence when the two come in conflict, liberty must, and ever ought, to yield to protection; as the existence of the race is of greater moment than its improvement."

So ever must order and freedom be in symbiosis with each other. Too much freedom leads to hedonism just as too much order leads to tyranny.  Both hedonism and tyranny are anathema to the historical and political developments of the Anglo-Celtic peoples. The Aryana Foundation must ever strive for that perfect balance between freedom and order while always remembering that if each is going to survive then the preservation of the race that gave birth to to such concepts as ordered liberty must always take prime importance. Ensure the preservation of the Anglo-Celtic and Germanic peoples, that is to say Aryankind or Aryana, then liberty and order will flourish.  Should our race go extinct so also dies the concept of individual liberty and limited government. The Aryana Foundation seeks to achieve that golden means, that perfect balance between liberty and order, that the American Founding Fathers tried so hard to achieve. Rest assured that it will be restored in the coming Aryana Free State!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Our fourth noble virtue is the Will to Community. A sense of kinship and belonging is essential to any healthy nation. The Aryanna Foundation believes in the concept of the racial community. We believe liberal democracy in trying to be all things to all people ends up doing more harm by causing widespread alienation of the masses. By trying to be all things to all people they end up being nothing to nobody. The end result of liberal democracy is consumerism run riot, a society denominated by fads and fashions, escapism, entertainment, celebrity worship, and diversions as ends in themselves. It is a war against higher culture, higher responsibility, the communal spirit, and higher humanity! Alienation causes one to feel he or she does not have a stake in society and negates any sort of communal feeling.  That is one reason why crime, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, is much higher in a multiracial society governed by a liberal democratic ethos than a racially homogeneous society governed by  a ethnic based nationalist ethos. Those who feel a sense of community are less likely to engage in behavior that endangers the existence of the racial community. Alienation causes one to lash out against society, thus fueling a sense of angst that feeds on itself, which leads to crime, miscegenation or homosexuality, and bizarre sexual escapades and fetishes.

The coming Aryana Free State must be viewed as one large extended family by its citizens, an organic and natural society, one based on a shared culture and a common ethnic kinship.  That is why large multiracial entities can never capture the joy and pride that originates from a transcendent nationalism resting on a common ethic heritage.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Our third noble virtue is the Will to Preservation. The Aryana Foundation does not see the State as an end in itself but as a means to an end. The Foundation believes that the main function of the State is to ensure those original genetic elements responsible for its creation always remain in the majority. At present there are three main sub-strains of the majority white population that were primarily responsible for the settlement and colonization of America. There three ethnicities consists of people of British, German, and Irish ancestry.  They can all be encompassed by the term  Celto-Germanic and are of Northern and Northwestern European ancestry.

We believe the actual paradigm in government is no longer the dichotomy between big governments and small governments, but is now between "our" government and "their" government. The United States has long  ceased being our government and it now their government! The same situation exists in Europe, and indeed wherever Liberal-Modernity rears its ugly head.  We strongly reject the current American ideal of a "concept nation" based solely on egalitarian and Enlightenment ideas. We believe that nationhood, true nationhood, should be based on a firm bio-cultural reality, and not utopian egalitarian dogma. We should point out that neither the Enlightenment, or the Founding Fathers, knew anything about DNA, genetics, and the inheritable nature of various traits. The only science they had to work with in that era was skewed towards environmentalism and the assumed the innate equality of mankind.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


...dollars must not be taken to represent the spiritual strength and depth of the people to whom they belong; neither must sport be confused with race-soundness nor business intelligence with spirit and mind. What is one hundred percent Americanism?  A mass existence standardized to a low average level, a primitive prose, or a promise for the future?  All we know is that so far there is neither a real nation or a real State.

Actually what it amounts to is a boundless field and a population of trappers, drifting from town to town in the dollar hunt, unscrupulous and dissolute; for the law is only for those who are not cunning or powerful enough to ignore it. The resemblance to Bolshevik Russia is far greater than one imagines.

Life is organized exclusively from the economic side and consequently lacks depth, all the more so because it contains nothing of that element of historical tragedy, of great destiny, that has widened and chastened the soul of the Western peoples through the centuries.

Finally there is almost a Russian form of State Socialism, or State Capitalism, represented by the mass of trusts, which like the Russian economic administrations, systematically standardize and control every detail of production and marketing. These were the real lords of the lands in both cases, It is the Faustian will to power but translated from economic growth to soulless mechanization.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A strange malady is beginning to affect Americans of European ancestry.  The initial symptoms consist of a particular unease with societal norms and a sense that unreality reigns supreme along a feeling with that impending disaster is imminent. Everything begins to feel artificial, unnatural, and contrived. What is happening is that White Americans are beginning to experience a state that Psychologists refer to as Alienation.

In time this alienation will lead to a sober and profound reflection on the state of our nation and race. This reflection will mature in the years to come into a political and racial epiphany in which we will realize that the institutions of our once great nation have been co-opted by the enemy. When that epiphany blooms  we will no longer confuse ideal with reality or outer form with inner substance. We will finally realize that the current political system that reigns supreme in the United States is not only irredeemable , but is the very antithesis of what the Founding Fathers intended! Only then will we recognize that we must begin to think in terms of alternative political solutions if our race is to survive in a nation that is becoming increasingly hostile and non-white.

We will then reach a point in which we realize that we no longer owe allegiance to a system whose ideology will result in our own eventual ethnic extinction. When we reach this state we will have finally matured intellectually and politically and achieved mental secession. We will have given up on the present system and have realized the futility of political reform and begin to direct our energies towards building something more holistic and organic. We will have reached the state of mental secession and will have mentally seceded from the whole anti-white, universal-egalitarian, monstrosity.

Until we reach that highly refined state of mental secession, that critical mass, then all our efforts within this present system will be in vane, regardless of how noble our intentions or how lofty our goals. Before any truly revolutionary reconstruction can take place we must first become alienated from society. As long as our people are content to finance their own extinction via taxes to this present anti-white system, or willing to sacrifice their own sons and daughters in its endless wars for non-existent peace, then nothing will ever change. And if we do not wake up then our race will go extinct on a global basis, which is the only logical conclusion of this multiracial egalitarian mindset that reigns supreme in the Western world.

So I ask you my fellow white Americans; when are you going to mentally secede from this whole anti-white system and build the Aryana Free State? When are you going to exercise your God given right of consent withdrawal, which Thomas Jefferson so elegantly delineated in the Declaration of Independence? It is time to mentally secede! Our continued  existence as a racially distinct people depends upon it. We must visualize a better way or that vision will never become reality. The visualization process is part of the attainment.

Always remember that government should never be an end in itself, but always a means to and end, that end being a harmonious and healthy future for our people so that we may achieve our full potential. Now let us briefly examine what John Adams had to say about the concept of mental secession, albeit in a different form. Remember that mental secession must always precede the political revolution or there will be no political revolution! That is the point John Adams is trying to make in the quote listed below.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


" And more ever, how many inhabitants of the country are there who inwardly do not belong to this ruling Anglo-Saxon type?  Quite apart from the Negroes, the immigrants during the twenty years before the war included-with only a small portion of  Germans, English, and Scandinavians- no less than 15 million Poles, Russians, Czechs, Balkan Slavs, Eastern Jews,  Greeks, inhabitants of Asia Minor, Spaniards, and Italians. The greater part of these have not been incorporated in Americanism, but form an alien, foreign thinking, and very prolific proletariat with its spiritual home in Chicago."

 It is hard to believe this passage was written before World War II. Indeed the war he refers to is World War I. America did experience an influx of immigrants in the period between 1880-1920 who were not of  Anglo-Celtic ancestry and had no relationship to the  ethnic stock who formed the United States. That is one way the Aryana  Foundation is different from all other right wing American groups who embrace a generic version of immigration in that they would restrict it to whites only with no distinctions between which type of whites they prefer. The Aryana  Free State we envision would go further and embrace an immigration policy limited to those of Northern, or Northwest European ancestry, whether we call them Anglo-Celts, Northernfolk, Celto-Germanics, or Aryans. It is not Un-America to do so because  America passed a comprehensive immigration policy in 1924 , known as the National Origins Act, which imposed a quota system favoring those of Northern, or Northwest European ancestry, and limiting those of Southern and Eastern European origins.  Allowing massive influxes  from the non-whites areas of the world, China, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East, and what not was not even considered! Today we allow big business entities and Chamber of Commence types to write our immigration policy in the quest for cheap labor and short term profits.

But immigration has consequences far beyond the point of entry. Consider that most of the media heads and Hollywood producer types that are responsible for America's current toxic culture are the direct descendants of immigrants from Eastern Europe in the influx referred to above. They want to destroy the last vestiges of healthy white culture, a culture that is Anglo-Celtic and Germanic in origin, because it is that culture that opposed the immigration of their kindred and crafted the National Origins Act in response! Now, let us engage in Future Vision, which is an indispensable component of out Worldview, and imagine how America will be 135 years after President Obama's executive fiat granting blanket amnesty to tens of millions of Mestizos from Mexico and Central America. What will the world of 2150 look like? After all, look at how the immigration of 1880 transformed America as regards the present media infiltration and the creation of a toxic and hostile culture from the descendants of Eastern European Jewish immigrants. Now juxtapose Black and Latino birthrates against the present white birthrate and project those stats into the future and you can see the vital necessity for the creation of an Aryana Free State! It is non-negotiable if we hope to survive as a distinct entity in North America!

You did notice that the hotbed of anti-American in the Thirties, according to Spengler, was Chicago. Now ask yourself where one Barrack Hussein Obama had his power base!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


And this was the genesis of the Aryana Free State, whose humble origins began in the upper South and portions of the Midwest, and became a new political entity, unique in the annals of humanity, dedicated to creating a more more organic and viable union, one that would ensure the advancement, perfection, and collective immortality, of our Celto-Germanic heritage, our beloved Aryana!

Aryana quickly became the most powerful of all the new North American nations. It was, by necessity, a militant state in which every citizen was required to serve two years in the military and did not hesitate to form an alliance with Russia to counter Chinese influence on the West coast, as well as animosity from the Atlantic Confederation on the east coast which was currently arming both the Republic of New Africa and Aztlan in hopes of a conquest of the Aryana Free State.

Wisely the leaders of Aryana had no desire to conquer any of the newly formed non-white nations. Their policy was one of trade and independent development and took up the sword only in defense of their ethnicity and homeland. In time even the few remaining white inhabitants of Aztlan, or New Africa, those indispensable few who had not been killed or exiled, found their way to Aryana as the Atlantic Confederation replaced them with advisers of their own. Thus there existed an uneasy peace with Aztlan and New Africa with the greater enemy being the majority white Atlantic Confederation. They were the last bastion of Liberal-Marxism on the North American continent.Indeed, they were a greater threat to Aryana than was China, or any of the non-white republics they bordered.

Aryana gave hope and inspiration to millions of our kinsmen scattered around the world as they flocked to her and applied for citizenship, especially those from European nations that were now majority Muslim. An old world had died, whether the Atlantic Confederation realized it or not, and a new nation was rising to prominence.  All the shattered dreams of American naivety, which only the Atlantic Confederation still believed in, were discarded by a nation and people who now had a viable and sustainable union without the political toxins, or hostile parasitic groups, that had doomed the former United States.

The futuristic glass and steel cities were now within reach as the race besieged became the race triumphant! Our race was once more on the upward path and never would we forget the chaos, degeneracy,and miscegenation that liberal democracy had wrought which almost made us an extinct people.  The possibilities were now endless as every Canadian province west of Ontario now joined Aryana. A higher humanity was emerging, thanks to to the natural eugenics policies of the Aryana Free State, a humanity that would  conquer and settle the solar system and then continue to the stars beyond. Aryana had finally achieved her dream of making our race a multi-planetary species!

By 2276, what would have been the 500th anniversary of the founding of the United States, instead of the Stars and Stripes flying everywhere in the solar system, as naive Americans once believed to be inevitable, it was instead the solid blue banner of the Aryana Free State, complete with the center-most red solar disc on which was superimposed  the golden triskelion. It flew over bases on the moon, on Mars  and Europa, as well  as on Titian and among the many mining colonies scattered among the asteroid belt. It terms of wealth and influence Aryana had far surpassed the wildest dreams of the United States and inaugurated  a new golden age, a Pax Aryana, as the race spread out among the stars as faster than light propulsion systems became a reality and no longer confined our race to the solar system. Space ships became star ships and our multi-planetary race became a multi-solar one.

And to thank none of this would have been possible had the United States not collapsed! Instead our race would have died a slow death surrounded by all the creature comforts Unbridled Capitalism could bestow as we were slowly submerged in a sea of black, brown, and yellow. If such had been our fate then those of East Asian ancestry, instead of Northern, or Northwest European ancestry, would have become the dominant race on the planet and eventually in the solar system and beyond.

                                                                    HAIL ARYANA!


How did we go wrong? How could we have been so blind?  Life looked so promising in the mid-twentieth century. Man  was going to colonize the solar system and erect majestic cities of  glass and steel whereby transparent tubes would connect each building and small car like units would dart to and fro inside these tubes from building to building, like fireflies in the night, several thousand feet above ground level.  Elsewhere people leaving the city would board magnetic levitation trains that would zip by only a few inches above the track at hundreds of miles per hour while overhead sub-orbital hyper-sonic craft would travel coast to coast in less than an hour.

In the more rural areas mega-farms would be totally automated and, away from the glow of the city, one could see with a good telescope all of the lunar colonies on the moon, at least on the side facing us.  And on the rest of the globe peace and the prosperity of nations with famine, overpopulation, disease, and environmental  devastation, being a thing of the past under the beneficent rule of a global government, with whites, more especially white Americans, still  the dominant race on the planet  and being in control of said government.  Nations  would be obsolete, a brotherhood of humanity dwelling in a technological wonderland had finally rendered matters of class, race, and religious fanaticism, a thing of the past, although we somehow imagined whites would still be in control internationally as well as maintaining  majority status in the United States.

It was a beautiful dream but a dream that could only have been conceived in the minds of a people as incredible naive as white Americans, spoiled by creature comforts, who had lost touch with reality and forgot that life is a struggle. We dared to imagine life would always be like Maybury and grow into some type of Tomorrow Land,or Futurama, a  technological wonderland, but still a majority white wonderland. The dream came tumbling down in the latter years of the 21st first century, although there were ominous signs long before then for those who had eyes to see and wisdom to understand. History showed that the greatest events that impacted our future, or in this case contributed to the destruction of our dream and destroyed our optimism and vision thereof, came upon us like a thief in the night.

Neither the fall of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, the rise of the AIDS virus, or the proliferation of Islamic terrorism, were foreseen by the experts, people we paid handsomely to protect us and predict possible cataclysms failed us miserably. Most glaring of all, however, was their blindness in regards to the race issue. They forgot that demography is destiny and ethnicity determines the ethos of a nation.

By the latter days of the 21st century the United States was no more. There was no tricentennial. The former United States became a hodgepodge of nations and warring factions with a Republic of New Africa in the lower South sharing an uneasy border with Aztlan, which stretched from southern California to the Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma border. On the West coast arose a mixed Eurasian nation consisting of Northern California, Washington, and Oregon. On the east coast arose a new nation consisting of the former New England states in combination with Ontario, and all the former Canadian provinces east of her, in a new Atlantic Confederation.. It was this Atlantic Confederation that insisted on being the torch bearer of dogmatic liberalism, even as the rest of the world was abandoning the very precepts of Liberal Modernity one by one.

It was known in history as the great cataclysm. It was an era of widespread civil disobedience and racial animosity, as the great experiment in  diversity equality, and integration, collapsed in tears, bloodshed, and misery.  The white population plummeted and became the scapegoat for all real and imagined slights against people of color. Both Aztlan and the Republic of New Africa expelled, or slaughtered, its white population even as the Atlantic Confederation forbid them entry status, or asylum, due to their having outlawed "racism" in their Confederation and could not accept the idea that whites may actually constitute a persecuted class. Even the very consideration of the idea seemed racist to them. So the Atlantic Confederation did nothing as roving bands of non-whites slaughtered whites  even as they crowded the borders and begged to bet let in.

But slowly and surely whites once more regained a sense of nationalism and purpose, as all persecuted people do, and put away foolish concepts of trying to resurrect the United States, or restore the Constitution. They began to network among themselves and thus was born the Aryana Foundation. The Foundation turned them into warriors for the West, dedicated to the creation of an independent white nation in the upper South and the Midwest, a nation that would be not only all white by design, but also one that was racially conscious, with a government that was proactive, and not reactive as the United States had been, and worked for their freedom, preservation, and advancement. And thus was born the Aryana Free State!

Friday, January 23, 2015


The dawn of the 20th century opened upon a vast British empire of which it was boasted that the sun never set upon its borders. European nations dominated Africa and Asia as the United States dominated Central and South America. Two world wars in the 20th century proved devastating for European man and gave rise to a dominant liberal-egalitarian ethic that now holds sway throughout the Western world, encouraged by a media populated by an ethnic strain hostile to the very concept of white racial preservation.

Today the vast colonial empires are no more. Non-whites flood the nations of Europe and America demanding their "rights"  and that society be restructured to reflect their culture and to benefit them and their kind.  Whites are no less than 13 percent of the world's population and within the white race itself blonds and redheads are becoming extinct. We are the true global minority. Our people enter the 21st century with the threat of global extinction  hanging over their heads like the fabled sword of Damocles.

In this new world of mass communication and increased travel the Aryana Foundation calls for a bold new vision based on the racial realities of the 21st century. A progressive racialism not based on colonialism or white supremacy like in previous centuries. A racialism that espouses a live and let live philosophy, a universal sovereignty, equally applicable to all peoples and places regardless of ethnicity.

The Foundation advocates a form of White Separatist-Nationalism as the solution to our problems in the North American context, which may not be applicable within a European context. What that means is that we advocate separation from all institutions or peoples detrimental to our racial preservation. That means we must champion a form of political and racial separation that ultimately culminates in secession and the creation of an Aryana Free State upon the North American continent. Thus the separatist aspect must precede the nationalist aspect in that regard. For the present we must form raise awareness of our plight and form racial communities within the framework of large multiracial nations, a  folk community in which we must network among ourselves building mini white havens that will one day coalesce into the Aryana Free State.

It is our duty to present the best possible face to our people.  An organization tends to attract the type of people its propaganda is geared towards. Thus we must avoid all forms of reactionary, or negative racism. Our propaganda must reflect a love of race and a transcendent ideology based on a comprehensive Worldview and a vision of the future. It must be forward thinking and progressive, not reactionary and negative. Our idea is to recruit our people into our  folk community, not alienate them by bizarre behavior, hateful language or epithets, or bizarre dress or appearances. The white middle class may be timid and lacking in courage, but we need their political and financial support to  survive. We feel confident we can count on American incompetence, and governmental policies, to substantially alienate a great portion of them in the future so that they will be receptive to our message. It is doubtful, given the current demographic and economic trends, that the white middle and working classes will be able to sit on the fence must longer and remain timid or powerless. They already know the score and that the Republicrats will do nothing to alleviate their problems. They know that the Democratic Party is beholden to minority interests in the same way the Republican Party is beholden to corporate interests. In this demonic shell game that is contemporary American politics they are always the ones left holding  the empty bag, which they are expected to fill with their taxes so that the whole game can continue and they can thus be responsible for financing their own demise! We can rest assured that time will strengthen both their consciousness and defiance.

We have no control over how the media portrays us of what labels they put upon us. More importantly is how we project ourselves in a way as to negate negative media stereotypes or labels. Many in the current "racialist right" movement do not do that. It seems they go out of their way to confirm every media stereotype by their actions and worlds. The preservation of our race is to valuable to be left in the hands of politicians or dysfunctional movement activists.  There must be no public displays of dysfunctional racism. Avoid racial epithets and profanity.Do not try to rival the Sistine Chapel in the amount of ink upon your body or turn yourself into a human pin cushion via body piercings like some Hellraiser clone. We are not Chinese or Aztecs so avoid body modifications. In other words no ear plugs! Read, study,  and keep your mind and body in keen shape. Nothing turns the masses off more than a profane and drunken skinhead, or a morbidly obese redneck screaming the N word.

Live your life like the Aryana Free State is already a reality because its realization is dependent upon your belief and vision! If the mind can conceive it, and the heart can believe it, then the will can achieve it! If we build it they will come! There is no other solution left for our people this late in the game. One cannot save both the United States and the white race upon the North American continent. Separation, community building, and the creation of the Ethno-State, are the only options left us as a people. It is now separate or die! Our loyalty must be to what America was intended to be, not the multiracial, liberal-Marxist, leviathan it has become!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Journey with us now as we transcend time and space and travel down the twisted spiral of our DNA as we search for that ancestral ethos lost in the midst of time and conscious memory but so active and vibrant in the collective unconsciousness of our race. Every yearning of a better way, for a more sustainable and viable organic  society, every dream of a mythic and heroic age, is but a faint glimmer from our ancestral memory bubbling up from our collective unconscious. Every sense of unease and the feeling that there has to be a better way is but a splinter from our collective unconscious trying to manifest itself into conscious reality. The realization that our reality cannot possible be the final and perfected state of mankind is but a shadow of a better way from a bygone era.

We journey back now with increasing speed  and leave the degenerate world of Liberal-Modernity behind. We travel back in time past the Victorian era and the dark ages and the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome. Finally we have arrived at our destination. Our ancestral homeland is unrecognizable to us. It is a land in which vast sections are covered in miles of ice. Nations do not exist yet and our race lives on the edge of the icy seas catching seals or chasing Wholly Mammoths in the vicinity of retreating glaciers. Only tribes now exist now characterized by ties of extended kinship. The ice age is ending and it has placed a premium on intelligence to those who have survived its onslaught.

We  have arrived in Paleo-Europe among a people known as Solutreans, some of who will later migrate to North America across a frozen Atlantic ice bridge tens of thousands of years before the ancestors of the "Native-Americans" crossed over into North America via the Bering Straight. This is the first major collective endeavor of our people, an organic socialism of the folk and racialism in its most pristine form. It is not a world of equality but one of leadership dedicated to the survival of kith and kin in a harsh environment that puts a premium upon survival. This is not some primitive form of Communism in which all races coexist peacefully in social equality with no possessions, or distinctions of rank, but instead is a racially based proto-nationalism in which all cooperate for the common good and the survival of the tribe and the perpetuation of the race. It is the earliest manifestation of the Folk Community! There is no public dole here, but there is a sharing among kindred stock along with banishment of those detrimental to the survival of the  community. We have arrived at the Ethno-State in its most primitive and original form!

 Over the eons the ice bound tribes become the pinnacle of human evolution. But as they became more successful and begin to prosper materially they become more distant from their past until the icy crucible that gave them birth retreats into their collective unconscious and leaves only faint traces behind in their rational minds and their will to power becomes but a flickering candle. They began to believe there is no problem technology cant solve and become the victims of their own success and  prosperity even as it drives then further away from the realities of nature.

 But as they grew more bold and more successful the ultimate delusion set in whereby they began to believe that they were above the laws of nature and could trespass against her with impunity. They allowed themselves to be convinced that the final state of mankind was a global collective in which all nations, peoples, and races would merge together into one monoethnicity and they saw this not as the ultimate desecration and treason to their mist shrouded origins, but as the height of progress. A spiritual disequilibrium set in which was bound to erupt in time.

Our ancestral DNA activates as memories from our collective unconscious flood into our brain. We understand who we are and where we have been and where we must go.We embrace our ancestral heritage. Everything must be in balance as unlimited growth is a cancer. Memories once more reassert themselves and the search for a better way becomes the ultimate priority for the survival of our race. The Ethno-State emerges once more out of our collective unconscious, no longer as a primitive entity of  our ice age Solutrean ancestors, but as the nucleus of a new society, a new reckoning, a more natural order, the next step in the political evolution of our people. The Ethno-State now reincarnates with all the power, knowledge, and technology our race has to offer, the most advanced of all the human species, to enshrine and establish itself  as the crowning achievement of our race's long historical odyssey, and political struggle, and the most conducive for the preservation and perfection of our race.

Our journey does not end here, however. We have now arrived at the distant future as all roads lead to the Ethno-State. It has united our past and future as we shed the delusions of Liberal-Modernity born of a sick and diseased age. Our race is once more on the upward path. The race besieged has become the race victorious. Collective immortality and the stars now beckon us to realities and glories beyond.

Universal sovereignty now reigns supreme as all humanity is organized into their own particular Ethno-States as race finally coincides with nation and all humanity lives in accordance to the will of the divine Creator. Independent development and non-interference is the order of the day. Self-determination for all and enforced diversity, or mandated inclusion, for none, is the mantra for all. The long nightmare of Economicism  is over. Our race has awakened from its egalitarian delusions and has taken its first steps into the universe beyond.

An Aryan Free State has given birth to an Occidental Union. A Union dedicated to our racial preservation and improvement. A Union first given birth by the collective cooperation of individual  white Ethno-States around the globe. A Union that is not the negation of the Ethno-State but a greater manifestation of its ideals on a planetary basis.  A multipolar world corresponding to kindred cultures and ethnic solidarity.

Monday, January 19, 2015


A cursory examination of our ideology will show the influence of the Conservative Revolution that originated in Germany between the two world wars. It is the antidote to the ideology of Cultural Marxism that also originated in Germany during the same time period through an organization known as the Frankfurt Institute. The practitioners of the Frankfurt Institute, many of whom were Jewish, fled National Socialist Germany and reestablished themselves at Columbia, University in the United States. Today the ideology of the Frankfurt Institute is the reigning ideology of American academia and the political left. One of the foremost writers and thinkers of the Conservative Revolution was Carl Schmitt and one of his most  influential books was The Nomos of the Earth. A nomos may be defined as customs of political or social behavior governing certain communities within a specific era or time frame. He believed there has been 4 Nomos so far in human history.A note of caution; one should not assume that the type of conservatism  that the Conservative Revolution advocated had any connection to what passes for conservatism in the United States. They are two totally different animals with the Conservative  Revolution being much more transcendent and holistic in nature. Perhaps the world conservationist might be a better description than the world conservative in that regard. They wanted to conserve all that was sacred and transcendent, beautiful and orderly, within the Western European biosphere. They were adamantly opposed to Liberal Modernity.

Nomos 1-  This was the time before the discovery of the new world and the colonial era. In this period travel was limited and people lived in isolated groups and developed specific customs, identities, culture, and historical traditions.

Nomos 2- This era is the rise of sovereign nation-states established during the Age of Discovery.It is the age of colonization and the formation of nations.

Nomos 3- This was the bipolar order established after World War II where the world was divided between the Soviet Union and the United States.The reunification of Germany and the fall of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of the end of the 3 Nomos. Should America collapse it would put the finishing touches upon this particular nomos.

Nomos 4- This era has not solidified yet but it is in development.  It is an open question whether it will be a unipolar one dominated by the United States and Liberal Modernity, or if it will become a multipolar one whereby universal sovereignty, which is one of the ideological planks of the Aryana Foundation, will reign supreme on Planet Earth. Or will the United States, or China, achieve a unipolor world by economic domination? The recent formation of BRICKS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) by Vladimir Putin is an attempt to avoid a unipolar world (or Nomos) led by the United States and Liberal Modernity and instead impose a multipolar Nomos. It goes without saying that a multipolar Nomos would be more conducive to the emergence of an Aryana Free State than would a unipolar one led by the United States.

                                                     Carl Schmitt  1888-1985.