No White GeNOcide!

No White GeNOcide!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I will be closing this blog and moving the posts elsewhere. There will be no further posts in the blog.

Friday, January 22, 2016


This whole novel is full of twists and turns which makes it an interesting and highly creative read. It concerns a brilliant Jewish scientist by the name of Robert Eisenbraun who is the creator of a highly advanced computer named Golem. (Shades of Jewish folklore here if one truly knows the legend of the Golem) Golem's sole purpose is to preserve the human race after the great die off, which was evidently a nuclear war in the Middle East involving America and Iran.

The computer selects a special team to go to the moon and mine Helium 3. (Although why a nuclear devastated America could possibly afford such a venture is not explained. Shouldn't they by using their resources to build up destroyed infrastructure?)  Eventually Golem determines the amount of Helium 3 on the Lunar surface is inadequate to meet Earth's demand and discoverers a more promising source beneath the seas of Europa. (Europa being a moon of Jupiter)

So a team is selected for training and an identical habitat to the one that will be sent to Europa is built and taken to Antarctica and submerged in the ocean with crew aboard to begin the training process. Eventually the entire crew will be put in deep sleep which is how they will travel to Europa. While Eisenbraun  is in suspended animation an asteroid hits the moon and the debris from the collision does great damage to the earth, including a green house effect which blots out the sun for several years as all plants and animals die. The collision also shifts the orbit of the moon moving it much closer to the earth so that it now fills 1/3 of the sky and creates 300 feet tidal waves as a normal daily occurrence.

 In all the upheaval the submersible research station is thrown upon the surface and Eisenbraun awakens to find Antarctica is now subtropical and the dominant form of life is not human but  intelligent, air breathing, tree dwelling  Cephalopods (Octopuses) which are covered with brown fur and nine feet tall. The few remaining humans are all females and were cloned from the original crew members by Golem whereas the octopuses are all descended from an original pair that was aboard the training module and escaped.

The female clones constitute an evil sect who hunt and capture the octopuses for genetic research for Golem. Eisenbraun is the only human male left and the only one capable of natural reproduction so his capture is highly desired by Golem. (Note- the clones were sterile after the first generation) Eisenbraun is shocked to find that he is now in the year 12,233,776 after the collision.

Golem has also experimented with trans-humanism making a traveling anti-gravity platform in which the forward section consist of a combination human-android torso which is fused with the floor of the craft form the genes of one of the female clones, Andria Sexton, the part Native-America girlfriend of Eisenbraun during their time aboard the training module. It is this trans-human construct which pilots the ship

Life in New Antarctica  is bizarre with mosquitoes the size of a human face and 200 hundred foot long alligators and human sized bat-human (female) hybrids. Eisenbraun has befriended the octopuses and is trying to save them from the female clones. He discovers that, like their aquatic counterparts, they can shift colors to disguise themselves into the background and can also communicate telepathically with others of their group. Other evolutionary oddities include cattle as tall as horses and redwood trees hundreds of stories tall where the Octopuses live, as well as carnivorous plants, such as a pitcher plant with a 12 foot vault chamber and Venus fly trips with six inch fangs on each of their closable cup like features.

Eventually a strange silver craft appears in the sky and destroys an alligator that was chasing Eisenbraun via some type of particle beam. He discovers this force has been worshiped by the Octopuses for eons as some type of heavenly chariot and later discovers a holographic transmission directed to him  by the descendants of Alpha Base (The original Lunar colony set up by Golem to mine Helium 3)  Million of years (Over 12 million to be exact since the asteroid hit the moon on October, 26, 2028) in lunar gravity have made it impossible for the surviving humans on the moon to visit earth thus the silver crafts seen are all remotely controlled.

Towards the end of the book we learn that the asteroid collision with the moon was not accidental, that Golem interfered with the orbit of the asteroid to make sure it would crash into the moon so that he (she?) could direct subsequent human evolution himself. Eventually he wakes up and discovers it is all a dream and is greeted by a happy and revived crew as the training session is over and it is time to leave the undersea module and make preparation to depart earth for Europa.

Or is it a dream as when he does go to sleep once more, this time without being in suspended animation, and discoverers upon  awakening that he is back in 12 million years AD and is greeted by two inhabitants (actually holograms) of Alpha Base who have discovered ways to transfer their consciousness into other beings and want to use his body, with or without his permission, as a way to move around on earth. So we are left hanging as to whether this is all a dream and which is the true reality? Earth in 12 million AD or a dream state caused by the chemicals used in suspended animation?

* A word of caution- the author is Jewish and the book does have a liberal bias as there are times the author cannot avoid taking swipes against conservatives and what they believe. Its obvious he believes them ignorant and has nothing but contempt for their ideology which he and his father refer to as "Vanilla Sway" (Vanilla I assume being white Gentiles and sway meaning they believe whatever Fox news tells them to believe-that they are incapable of independent thought. That in itself is a lesson in Jewish thought!

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Imagine a world in which global unity has been achieved and that nations no longer exist and humanity over the centuries has blended into one global monoethnicity. (That was actually the plan of the person who founded the European Union-but more on that later) There are no more wars, disease, famine, or poverty.

Now imagine this society has invented time travel but it is accessible only to a highly trained classified elite whose job it is to go to to the past (our present) and to prevent time hackers, a clandestine underground group who were once enforcers but are now rebels, from trying to change the future by preventing historical evils such as the Holocaust, 911, the birth of Hitler, or both world wars. It is the job of the time enforcers to assure these events happen, horrible through they may have been, because without them there would not be such a utopian future.

Apparently one thing about the future is that bananas no longer exist, nor do clear blue skies, as the atmosphere is radioactive and a brownish-yellow color. One wonders if the people have to live underground or under clear domes like in Logan's Run but the book does not say.  It appears some event known as the Great Conflagration may explain why the skies are radioactive but it is never specified exactly what that event was. The main mission of the time enforcers is to stop time hackers from preventing the Great Conflagration.

The novel concerns a time traveler named Zed, a level 5 intelligence officer, who works for the Department of Historical Integrity which is the organization that trains and certifies time enforcers and assigns them their missions. His job is to intercept rebel hackers that may journey to our time as well as raid their hideouts in his timeline and destroy any historical information they may have. Harboring historical information about the past is a crime and only allowed for those with top security clearances at the DHI. While in our time frame Zed goes by the name of Troy Jones. He is shocked about how white white people are and how black black people are when he first arrives. Like everyone else in his time he racially mixed to the extent as to be racially unidentifiable.

Most rebellious of these citizens of the utopian future were those people, minority though they may be, who were still racially identifiable. They were viewed with suspicion because they still might contain feelings of ethnicity and possible harbor ill will towards the global society. It was from their ranks most of the time hackers came. There was an outer region which was previously uninhabitable where the influence of the world state does not yet extend which contains rebel cells circulating forbidden historical information.

One gets a glimpse that all may not be perfect in this future global society when Zed's wife (Cembre- short for December) dies and it is the policy of the government  not only pick up the body but remove all the belongings and mementos of the deceased, including pictures,  so that no trace of the person will remain which they believe help shorten the grieving period and allow the individual to move on. Anyway Zed falls in love with a black girl and decides to stay in our time line and to quit killing time hackers. I found the novel curious because it discusses a world in which in vast majority is mixed and hostility and suspicion falls upon those who are still racially identifiable.(However, this is not something the author focuses upon. It only appears in fleeting references) That, of course, will be our future unless we change the time line we are on by making Aryana a reality!

Sunday, December 20, 2015


The novel concerns a time traveler named Dr. Jonathan Wells (undoubtedly in tribute to HG Wells) who boards the Titanic in an attempt to stop it from sinking. He does so by giving First Officer Lightoller a pair of binoculars. (Which, according to the official transcripts, the Titanic either did not have or misplaced the ones they did have ) The iceberg is thus avoided and so Wells goes to bed confident he has changed history and thereby saved thousands of lives.

However, he is awakened by a steward later that night only to discover the Titanic has struck an iceberg at 3 AM which did a lot more extensive damage to the ship than the one avoided earlier.The divergence point is that in the new reality John Jacob Astor survives and later becomes the president of the United States. Isolationism reigns supreme and World War I never happens, monarchies are stronger than ever, and without World War I there was no World War II or Holocaust. Adolf Hitler is a popular German painter in a nationalistic Germany still ruled by the Kaiser. The two great empires in the world are Germany and Japan. A second Southern Confederacy arises and wins its independence as Japan occupies the West coast and Alaska as well as New York.

Kaiser Germany defeats the Soviet Union and reinstates the Czar. Joseph Patrick Kennedy did not die in World War II as in our reality. The Kennedy's move south and become a powerful player in the new confederacy. However, Joseph Patrick Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963 instead of JFK as in our reality.

Project Camelot is secretly enacted by both Union and Confederate intelligence agencies whereby Union and Confederate facilities are attacked simultaneously in an insider job which was blamed on the Japanese in an attempt to reunite North and South as one nation.

The South is allied with Germany and the flag of the new Confederacy is a large blue star on a field of red and white strips circled by a ring of smaller blue stars. Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona,  and Nevada are the states the constitute the new Confederacy. The secession started in Texas and George S. Patton eventually becomes president of the new Confederacy as does Tom Clancy. 18 division of German infantry are based in Arkansas.

Texas backed out the Union because she couldn't or wouldn't meet her share of the Union's national debt and the Kaiser offered finance, munitions, and armed support against the Union in exchange for oil and the rest of the South soon followed suit. American was invaded in 1920 prior to that by Mexico and America barely defeated Mexico(whereas Germany dominated Europe at that point) which diminished the Union in the eyes of the Southerners thereby empowering the later secession. Virginia and the Carolinas never join the second Confederacy. The new Mason-Dixon line is now the Georgia border and the capitol of the new Confederacy is Houston.

Various wars are mentioned which have an effect on later Southern nationalism ( and anti-United States feeling) such as the First Ranger War in which Mexico invades the Confederacy and the United States refuses to help. Pearl Harbor still happens but in 1946 against Union  navel forces only, as the South is an independent nation, and because the U.S. did not aide the Confederacy against Mexico then neither does the Confederacy aide the Union against Japan.

Nuclear armed zeppelins capable of journeying into the stratosphere is the new reality and apparently technology is not quite as advanced in our reality as planes are still propeller driven. John and Robert were both killed in Dallas in the presence of Marilyn Monroe. All three Kennedy boys die (John, Robert, and Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr. are killed by the Mafia  as a grudge against Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr.)

The Brandenburg Divisions are the elite shock troops of the German army complete with black uniforms and silver skulls emblems on their berets (As was the SS in our reality) The Brandenburg Division was instrumental in the defeat of the Soviet Union. The restoration of the Czar by Germany involves the marriage of the Czars first born daughter to the German crown price thereby creating the most powerful empire in the world, the Russo-Germanic empire.

In 1941 Stalin invades Estonia , Lithuania, and Carpathia (This was before the Soviet Union was destroyed) Poland fears it is next and appeals to Germany for help and this is what sparks the German war with the Soviet Union. In this reality Spain, France, and Italy, all three  of which are Fascist nations, align with the Soviet Union.

Berlin is destroyed  by a nuclear bomb by the Japan for aiding the Confederacy in its efforts to reunite all of America under the Southern Confederacy and throw out the Japanese. In retaliation Germany destroys Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki in response. Wells meddling made a worse future and agents from the Confederate intelligence discover that he has changed history and are determined to restore history to our reality once they read Wells's journal describing our present reality.

The question of the origin of the time machine is unanswered other that it came out of the distant future and once crashed in Roswell in July 1947 thereby explaining the origins of the downed saucer story which relates to our present reality. Nor do we find out any more about the mysterious Wells or his origins. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015


As you may have heard George Lucas has sold the rights to Star Wars to the Disney corporation. It goes without saying that Disney is not the Disney you grew up in since Jewish influence became dominant with the rise of Michael Eisner. The new directer of Star Wars will be JJ Abrams. (Not exactly a Gentile name) So what can we expect from Abrams? Probably what he alluded to in a recent conversation;

" We wrote those characters but when we went to cast it, one of the things I had felt, having been to the Emmys a couple of times, you look around that room and you see the whitest fucking room in the history of time. It is unbelievably white. And I just thought, we're casting this show and we have an opportunity to do anything we want, why not cast the show with actors of color?  Like not for sure, and if we can't find the actors who are great, we shouldn't, but why don't we make the effort because it wasn't written that way and isn't that the cooler version of doing this as opposed to saying "this is an urban show." It fucking kills me when they call something an urban movie like its a separate thing, like its that thing over there."

Monday, October 19, 2015


Our people live in uncertain times and in a society that is in a constant state of flux. Constant and dramatic change is never psychology healthy. It is interesting in such chaotic times to engage science fiction authors to ascertain their visions of the future. As science fiction authors go one cannot do much better than Ben Bova. All his novels grab you from page one and his plots never drag nor are they convoluted or filled with pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo.

However, it is often difficult to ascertain Bova's ideological leanings. In his novel Mars Life he depicts a United States dominated by religious fundamentalism via an organization called the New Morality which has outlawed the teaching of evolution and research into nanotechnology and the extension of human life through genetic engineering. Global warming is an undeniable reality which has reached epidemic proportions with vast sections of the Gulf Coast and California underwater and the Eastern seaboard almost in an arctic like state due to the shifting of the Gulf Stream via melt water from Greenland. By contrast the Southwest is now lush and green and no longer a desert and the Navajo people are an independent nation. The moon (Or Selene as its citizens refer to it) is an independent entity in which their most productive endeavor is nanotechnology since said research is outlawed on earth.

On Mars remains of an ancient settlement has been found in the Valley of the Mariners. (The huge Mars like Grand Canyon)  Pottery has been found as well as religious temples and an unknown hieroglyphic like language carved in the solid rock of the canyon walls. Eventually graves are discovered which contains  four legged beings with two opposable arms whose body is much lower to the ground than are bipedal humans. (They were quadrupeds)  The Martians were a neolithic style culture who were wiped out 65 million years ago in a planetary catastrophe which destroyed their biosphere and changed Mars into the cold dry reddish world it is today. The same event that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs also caused the extinction of intelligent native life on Mars.

The New Morality, however, denounces all such settlements as fake and a huge conspiracy on the part of the scientific community. They believe the creation of humanity was a singular event as only man was made in the image of God and to claim there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is the height of blasphemy. They embark on a nationwide crusade to defund the Mars project and space exploration in general. (Which would leave Selene as the only space faring human civilization)

What is puzzling about the book is although it has a liberal anti-religious theme Bova dedicated the book to Carton Coon the evolutionary theorist who was politically crucified by the forces of politically correctness because he believed that all the races of humanity evolved independently and that racial traits actually preceded human traits.In other words while we were yet semi-primates we had already  developed unique racial traits and behavior and a crude form of identity or communal life among ourselves with a hostility directed at out groups. In other words a primitive form of proto-nationalism or racialism.