No White GeNOcide!

No White GeNOcide!

Friday, May 27, 2016


The role of government as concerns the economic sphere is to ensure a free and fair competition so that the economy does not end up being dominated by a few mega-corporations or monopolies. Consequently, the State should never embrace so called "free trade" because the white Western world cannot compete against those nations that employ slave labor or starvation wages. Government must be ever zealous and prevent corporations from outsourcing to foreign nations, or insourcing cheaper labor, as they sale their completed product back to the home nation or consumers oblivious as to how many jobs and lives they have destroyed in the first place by their insourcing and outsourcing.

Government must finance scientific endeavors in areas of space and oceanic research as well as genetics and medical research and the  search for clean and renewable energy.  Each of these endeavors is often too large for private industry to cover in its entirety as they have both national, and indeed even international, implications. That is why it is imperative that government take the lead in said endeavors.

Government's job is to clear a path through the bureaucracy and financial impediments that kills incentive as does the corporate tax rate in the United States. There must be a balance and sustainability in all things.  The profit motive should remain sacrosanct as the key to productivity but great care must be taken  so that free enterprise does not mutate into Unbridled Capitalism as so often happens in the United States. Despite what some members of the reactionary right may think free enterprise and capitalism are not one and the same anymore than free trade and fair trade are.  A healthy nation  will in no wise let big business mutate into Predatory or Cartel Capitalism so that its needs before more important than the nation. A prime example of this would be the United States whereby the government had abdicated its responsibility for border control and now lets big business, and its Chamber of Commerce allies, determine immigration policy. Patriotism must always take precedence over profits just as long term stability and sustainability must take precedence over short term profits or economic gain.

Many will object that the ideas I have outlined in the passages above are no longer possible in the United States to which I reply that they are intended for that which is to come after the implosion and political breakup of the United States. These are policies intended for Aryana, not the contemporary United States. The U.S. would do well as adopt some of these precepts but it is highly unlikely when one considers the stranglehold globalism and free trade ideologies have on the United States.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Futuristic fighter jets unveiled in Super Bowl 50 TV Commercial 2016

Thank God we have all these brilliant black female design teams that can build all this stuff! Such PC bullshit! Hey Northrop-Grumman, why does your stealth fighter look like one the Horton brothers were working on in the last days of the Greater German Reich?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Transparency International has determined that the least corrupt nations in the word are Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. (Can you say Aryana?) The most corrupt were North Korea and Somalia.  Of course, once Northern Europe becomes majority Middle Eastern and African we can expect that to change.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Scientists believe that modern blue eyed and fair skinned Irish people are the descendants of settlers from above the Black Sea in Eastern Europe who migrated to Ireland during the Bronze Age.(Perhaps that is why Ireland is often called Erie, a derivative of the term Aryan)  This migration overlay a previous migration of  dark haired, dark eyed, people from Spain and the Middle East. If this theory is correct it means that the  dark haired inhabitants were the original Irish and that the blond haired, or in the case of Irish red haired, people are later additions to the area. And yet when you ask the average to describe typical Irish features the description is always one with red hair, blue or green eyes, and fair skin.