Monday, June 22, 2015


Danish scientist have analyzed the DNA from Kennewick man and found that his genome does not belong to a European and that it is more closely related to contemporary Native-Americans. Eske Willerslev, a geneticist at the University of Copenhagen and lead author of the  study which was published in the journal Nature,  believes the conclusion is rock solid.

Of course, the Liberal/Marxist coalition could not stop there. They had to extrapolate the data in one one particular case and claim  that this case proved that the very concept of Europeans journeying to North America before the Indians was a racist fantasy! They seemed to forget that Kennewick man was in Washington State whereas the evidence for Pre-Colombian ice age Europeans in North America (known as Solutreans) were in the Virginia tidewater region over half a continent away.One arrived by the Bering Straight, the other via an ice pack on the Atlantic ocean. One was here thousands of years before the other! Could that be why Native-Americans have quietly retired that term and now prefer to be called "First Nations Peoples?" Is that an acknowledgement that they were not actually the first people in North America?

Many Native-Americans , such as the Paiute, have legends of the extermination of a tall, red headed, blue eyed people, who were already here when they arrived in North America. Could that be the descendants of the Solutreans? Is that why the first European colonies were puzzled as to why some Indians had blue eyes?

Monday, June 15, 2015


One can tell a lot about public perception as regards future environments in contemporary science fiction novels or games. In the Mass Effect video games the story revolves around the discovery of lost technology left on Mars by an alien race called the Protheons. This technology consisted of a series of star gates that makes faster then light speed possible. By 2149, one year after the discovery of Protheon technology on Mars, the Systems Alliance is formed, a group of 18 of the most powerful nations on earth dedicated to interstellar exploration and settlement.

In this version of future history there is of yet no united earth government as exists in Star Trek in the 23rd century.  However Northern European  traits (That is to say "Aryan" traits)  of blue or green eyes, and red , blond, or light brown hair, is now extinct. Caucasian traits still exist but they tend to resemble more Mediterranean traits or that of light skinned Hispanics. Everybody is dark haired, olive skinned, and dark eyed. Most people, however, are racially mixed including the hero, Commander Shepherd, who appears to be a person of  1/8 or possibly 1/16 Negro. His lips are thin, and his nasal bridge is narrow like that of Caucasians, but he is dark complected and his hair is close cut against his scalp and curly like that of Negroes.  In the 22nd century in which Mass Effect takes place blue contacts and blond hair dye are all the rage! It is fashionable to look Aryan but Aryankind has all but disappeared, an example of extinction via assimilation.

This is in marked contrast to the science fiction movies of the sixties, seventies, and eighties in which all space explorers were white and non-whites were seldom to be seen.  Society was like America was back then, still with a white majority firmly in control, a technological wonderland, and no demographic threat was on the horizon. Cities were beautiful and artistic glass and steel constructions connected by transparent tubes in which electronic car like units zipped from building to building hundreds, if not thousands, of feet above street level. Everybody wore one piece coveralls, usually white or silver, with the interior of these buildings brightly lit with sky blue lighting and silver or white furnishings within.

Farms were completely automated with remote control tractors and combines doing all the planting and harvesting and in many cases under temperature controlled glass domes so farming could take place year around as well as automatic irrigation. A small group of programmers and technicians could overseer 100,00 acres or more!

Trains were nuclear powered, or even operated by magnetic levitation, and would reach speeds of hundreds of miles per hour in their beautiful streamlined rocket shaped designs. Colonies existed on the moon and Mars and space flight was as common as jet flight is today with people vacationing on the moon and Mars and various space stations around earth.

The future seemed glorious! Indeed the recent movie Tomorrowland was produced in part because its creators felt cheated by the glorious future they were promised as children by the powers that be only to see America turn into an interracial hell hole as China assumes our technological expertise as America becomes a majority non-white and stagnant third world nation! Who would have believed that the Apollo missions would be canceled at Apollo 17, even though it was designed to last until Apollo 24, and that the remainder of those finances would be transferred to social welfare programs. All the more reason why we need an Aryana Free State to once again inspire our people to greatness with its strength of will and clarity of vision. Liberal democracy, whether in its Republican or Democratic manifestation, is not getting the job done and is killing us as a people and hastening our racial extinction!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I am in the process of finishing a massive four volume space opera. What is not important is the name of the series or that of its author but instead is his vision of the future.  As regards the future Earth it is a unitary globalist government ruled by the United Nations which has been transformed into an all powerful world federation. Its Secretary General is the chief executive of the planet and in this case is a Latino of South American extraction but the real power behind the throne is a Hindu female from India.They are the two most powerful people on the planet.

Earth's main rival is the independent Congressional Republic located on Mars. Opposed to both Mars and Earth is the Outer Planets Alliance which is based in the asteroid belt and on the moons of Jupiter. The OPA tends to be more libertarian than either the Earth or Mars which both seem to be dominated by interplanetary power politics in some sort of a new cold war based scenario. The head of the OPA is a black male. Most of the people in the OPA are either Indian, Chinese, or American. (Especially Texans) I should point out that none of these nationalities are distinct as they are so mixed together as to be racially unidentifiable, but certainly non-white, with all Celto-Germanic (Northern European) traits completely obliterated via assimilation. Apparently the extinction of Northernkind has had no effect upon the world, or space exploration and technology, as the Indians and Chinese merely pick up the torch as they merge into one monoethnicnicity, at least in the asteroid belt region anyways. (Can you say Pan-Mixia?) Who knows, perhaps Niger Innis will be the ancestor of the future head of the Outer Planets Alliance!


Monday, April 13, 2015


New research by Oakland University professor Barbara Oakley has raised a revolutionary idea she refers to as "pathological altruism" which is on display on a daily bases throughout  American society and government. Altruism becomes pathological, Oakley explains, when an act of kindness hurts people rather than help them. If you help you pain addicted brother obtain more pills because you feel sorry for him your not helping him your doing irreparable harm by feeding his addiction.

In public policy the equivalent was the well meaning government effort in previous decades when Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae gave unqualified borrowers  (Most of them non-white) mortgages they couldn't afford, while encouraging more qualified borrowers to overextend themselves. The result was a housing bubble that popped and almost ruined the finances of millions of Americans and caused a deep recession  that effected the entire nation. Part of the force driving this was the effort on the part of liberals demanding the government make it easier and more affordable ( by relaxing credit requirements) for non-whites to receive housing loans and become first time home owners.

The end result was the American taxpayer, a majority whom are still white,  had to bail out the entire housing industry to keep the economy from collapsing. Remember that next time some liberal tells you what a blessings diversity is as he, or she, repeats the sacred mantra whereby our strength is our diversity.

Our public policies are based on white guilt and liberal feelings of empathy and Liberal-Marxist oriented systems of government allegedly designed to help the masses but ultimately harm their intended beneficiaries. (Or in the case of Communism kills them outright) Real kindness  lies in recognizing that altruism can produce great evil as well as good.

Of all the people on planet earth it is white people of Northern European ancestry who appear to have the most finely developed sense of altruism. Many Evolutionary Psychologists believe this is a trait that developed during the ice age in which one had to work together in teams or freeze individually. The problem is that it's a great intra-racial trait within a homogeneous nation but becomes absolutely toxic when applied to others in a multiracial society. As author Richard McCulloch observes in his book, The Ideal & Destiny, this ideology taken out of its natural environment is one of the main factors that are driving whites towards extinction an ideology he calls "Altruistic-egalitarianism" 

Sunday, March 15, 2015


White people must understand that the political dynamics have changed. The true divide is no longer between advocates of big government and supporters of smaller government. The true divide is not between  Conservative Republicans or Liberal Democrats, or between the lunatic left or the reactionary right. It is between globalists and nationalists. Americans have not grasped the concept that the number one advocate for world government is none other than the United States! We would point out that the Communistic left is no longer the  driving force of globalism, it has now been co-opted by the corporate capitalism of the American right! Therefore, any form of serious white resistance must evolve beyond the traditional, or reactionary right, and embrace a concept of economic nationalism allied with a communal spirit of social justice for all within the confines of  a clearly defined racial community.

There was a time when Global Capitalism had to hide behind the red, white, and blue and pretend to be God fearing patriots and loyal Americans. But such a pretense always got under their skin. They seethed in silent anger and looked forward to the day in which they could throw off their shackles and the free flow of capital would be unrestrained by national borders or racial concerns. That day has now arrived so it should come as no shock that they have now dropped their patriot masquerade and now show forth their true globalist colors. Finally they can put profits above patriotism and deindustrialize America and move all factories and support staff to Third World nations so they can exploit their slave labor force to maximize profits and safety and environmental regulations be damned! Soon nation after nation will fall to the Plutocratic elite and become stepping stones on their path towards world government and their domination of the entire planet. They may use idyllic terms like the "Global Village" in order to lull the masses but mistake no mistake about it; this will  not be a global village like some kind of planetary Maybury but a global plantation with you being the serfs and them being the overlord class.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

23 & Me

A company known as 23 And Me has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent office to help parents chose traits for their future children ranging from disease risks to hair and eye color. Why  do we think this might be a beneficial policy for the Aryana Free State but an absolute disaster for liberal democracy? I can just imagine non-whites wanting babies with Northern European traits. In the AFS we envision a system of fertility clinics that will offer a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to those who have been unable to conceive naturally or would like healthier genetic offspring than their own genotype allows. Under this system doctors would scan  an embryo's genotype before it is implanted allowing prevention of serious or undesirable genetic traits. Of course, this will make necessary a vast repository of valuable eggs and sperm. (It goes without saying, of course, that the AFS limits citizenship and residence to those of Caucasian descent with a preference for those of Northern or Northwest European ancestry. Anglo-Celtic or Germano-Celtic, which ever term you prefer. Thus the repository will only contain eggs and sperm from that particular ethnos)

These clinics would be part of an government agency called the Department of Eugenics and Marital Enhancement which, in addition to these genetic clinics,  would also operate a free nation wide system of maternity clinics whereby a female could have her baby delivered free of charge with the latest in medical technology at her disposal should she chose to give her baby up for adoption. This is our alternative to the abortion of healthy white babies which has reached epidemic portions in the United States.

                                              SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX!
                                              ( The health or well being of the people is the supreme law)

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Liberty has always been a particular trait among the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Celtic peoples. However, as cherished as it might be liberty is not as vital as that of racial preservation. Liberty, once lost, can always be regained in a future struggle. However, should we loose our battle for racial preservation and go extinct as a people then all concepts of individual liberty and limited government also goes extinct along with the the people who first gave it birth and nourished its growth with our blood, sweat, and tears.